Chronicles of a Damsel

I open my eyelids to a world of love and affection-my home,
I am always under the warmth of some arm or the other.

I am a toddler now and apple of everyone’s eyes,
I don’t understand what others are speaking, it’s all gibberish to me.

I learn to speak and my first word is ‘ma’,
She loves me the most and keeps me close all the time.

I walk around in my crawler, trying to catch the next thing to break- it’s fun!
But I don’t understand why all the things are above and out of my reach!

Today I learned to speak all the alphabets together, mummy is ecstatic!
Dad still carries me around on his back, we go to the park and so many other places.

My first day at school, I am scared,
Too many kids of my age, but I like that girl in the pink frock.

Mummy says I am growing fast!
I have started to ride my bicycle yesterday, dad is proud.

I am going to perform in a play today, my first ever!
The Boy who dances with me likes me, I think I like him too.

We hold hands, he does my homework,
Mummy is always worried about why I put on so much make up.

My 16th birthday!
The world is so much different now, people are penurious.

I enjoy the attention I am getting,
Mom and dad fuss a lot about what I do!

An adult now, maturity has come naturally,
I have braced myself to face the mean world!

Now, I don’t like the glances, the stares,
Life is tough and demands a lot of hard work.

I have a million fixations now,
College, job, relationships, break ups, tears, the simplicity of life has forfeited.

I wish I could go back in time,
The time when I first opened my eyelids to an ‘innocent’ world.



15 thoughts on “Chronicles of a Damsel

  1. Very sweet story. I picture that girl being you as you are growing up and making many decisions in life. You are a great writer, and I learned a new word, penurious.

  2. This could be told from the mother’s point of view, too, watching her sweet baby going through the growing stages, and growing away. (I’m thinking of my son.) Wanting your little boy back again. 🙂

    This is so true. We yearn to grow up when we’re little, then yearn to go back when we’ve grown up.

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