The forfeited stars

They were born out of different pixie dusts; Love, religion and lust,

The skies were painted red; An army of thoughts and dreams were led,

Across those deep oceans; Complacent on surface but knows only commotion.


Love is blind they say; Is it truly?

Love is patient they say; I tell you those are stories they make;

Love is strong they say; I’d tell you its fragile like clay,

Love is forever they say; In those rusty old caskets are the truths laid,

Of innumerable suffering, did they say? To paint a picture for you to take,

To make the heart suffer; Remembering the stories which made the heart flutter.

Love is miscalculated; All the other notions are dated,

Love is kind; Heart always over mind,

But love is also weighted; Bows down to chronicles undated.

Love is not a fairytale; Each of them have their own tales,

of their own world; Of their homes and chambers hated,

Hated and hidden deep down; Awaited by the two,

To either embrace it; With grace,

Or to shatter; Because the society matters.


But the faults of that casket they accept; To make the society inept.

Before the sands of time blow; They leave tip toe,

To arrest what they have; The love, happiness and lies,

Enough to make the souls survive; Enough for two to thrive,

The world fails again; to discern; To let some adulation flow,

Loses itself to inutile chapters and verses; Long told; inept to change its mold.

They have their own battles to fight; To choose between wrong and right,

A tear escapes her eyes; She is tired of all the fights,

But this is not the end he says; There will be better days and night,

They close their eyes to the million stars above; Much above our battle of religion, lust & love!


4 thoughts on “The forfeited stars

  1. This was a good poem to read over melancholy (though not on-the-nose melancholy) music. A random thought…

    The first girl I ever seriously dated was from another country (an international student), and on the one hand, I found loving her (both at the time, and now in hindsight) the same as any other girl. The patterns of male-female relationships repeat across oceans. People are the same, for both good and bad.

    At the same time, though, society mattered when she had to fly back home across that ocean, and whenever she missed home so bad she cried, or whenever we fought and subconsciously searched in our minds for the worst things to say to hurt each other. But then again, I suppose people do that even when they’re from the same culture, so I dunno…

      • I don’t think one can dismiss the rest of the world so easily. Love does not occur in a vacuum.

        After my first years of dating, I lost many of the simple, idealistic assumptions I had concerning human bonding. I strongly disagree with your above comment.

      • Well, you are right too. I understand the circumstances change, etc etc; what i meant was, if you both really want it to work, it works, its as simple. Against all odds you should be ready to make some really tough decisions, as they say, nothing great comes easy and what comes easy is never great 😉

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