One, two, three, Star…..

They squashed countless diamonds of dew beneath their bare feet as they walked under the charcoal blanket of millions of stars. You know you are with the right person when he loves sky gazing as much as you and points out to those weirdly beautiful clusters of stars which make sense to only two people who share the same perspectives in life.


Love comes easy to those who have had a good childhood with a caring family and they were both lucky to enough to have been nurtured in a loving environment bordering on the verge of getting spoilt.

Love is also easy for those whose love is approved by the society. If they think the boy is rich, handsome and good enough and the girl is respectable and beautiful enough as if that were the things to be considered when two people fall in love. Right when you think you have fallen for a guy, you’d be like, “hang on, are you rich? are you from a good family? are you a psycho!”, is it possible even in a crazy world?

They leave behind all these little blahs of life and gaze at the stars, holding hands and lying on the spiked grass which tries to pierce through their cotton t-shirts. That little tingly feeling mixed with a hint of wetness adds that zing to the view above which takes their breath away every night.

He is as sensitive as the Pinnochio’s nose, ready to grow at the slightest of lies. As tender as the morning rays and as affectionate as a child. He walks with the swag of a sheikh carrying that romantic smile which could melt a million hearts. He catches her like his most prized posession and looks into her eyes with that strong magnetic gaze which could lift people up in the air.

Love is never easy but they make peace. She is more him than herself. So similar that nobody could doubt that their souls were made up of the same material no matter how messed up that material was. 

She, the superfluous atom of energy, he, the lazy ball of mass,                   She, the let’s go there and there type, he, let’s watch a movie and stay in the room kind,
both different, yet dangerously similar.


They say, love brings together two people for a lifetime of adventures but they never seem to tell  that the adventures are so different for both of them, it is never the same. She slept through his snail paced movies and he made a face when she added those mushrooms in the jumbo size pizza they ordered, picking out one piece at a time.

More friends than lovers, he dropped her during a free fall session and while she lay flat on the ground, he couldn’t stop laughing, she, hurt, couldn’t stop admiring him all happy. Love bridged the culture difference, the food difference and the difference from his tummy to hers.

He is all smiles for everything silly she does and she is all for making him happy. He made all the colors a little more brighter and the smiles frequent which weren’t there before. Truly only once in a lifetime you meet that person who sweeps you off the ground and all of your life changes for eternity. Their presence or a phone call is all that is required to keep you going for the rest of the day.

Only love makes you share your deepest insecurities and fears with that person who you know is going to keep you safe no matter what and is going to protect you from everything that ever has the potential to hurt you. You know it is love when your only security is that they are there in your life, close, very close.

They loved each other in a way which made their hearts flutter. One slept with other’s eyes closed and the other’s hand on the chest was like their own hand. They were two but one. She loved him without letting those problems affect her which surrounded her all the time. 

Is love easy you ask? No. Everything is messed up in the world. There is nothing such as a perfect love story or a perfect life partner. We all come with insecurities and we all continue to resolves those issues as the journey progresses, what is important is to find the right soul who can help you do that.

They found each other, through thick and thin, through mushrooms and art movies, through India and the rest of the world, they are a little weird but they have painted their world in all shades of what is not tacky to him (she whispers red) and even though they are not thinking about each other all the time, they have given each other something which we all hide beneath those layers of insecurities- their heart.

As the stars shine bright and disappear periodically in the haze around the moon, he cracks a joke on her for the millionth time, she, annoyed, well not annoyed, she, feeling loved, smiles from the corner of her mouth, after all, life is all about these peaceful nights.

Aisa jo koi kahin hai,
Bas vohi sabse hasin hai,
Us haath ko tum thaam lo,
Woh meherbaan kal ho na ho.


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