Don’t Move!

The modern civilization which always fails to pass the peripherals of human consciousness emphasizes on the urgent need to do something all the time. We are constantly searching for the next thing to do irrespective of it being a productive form of work or not.

Buddha’s views are contradistinctive. Buddha asks us not to just do something. He says that if you don’t have something worthwhile to do then it is advisable to not do anything at all. Our sensual senses work to please us. It did so to the many people who followed this philosophy and made them lazy and unproductive.meditation_position_sleeping_buddha_pose

You cannot give up work. You cannot become inactive. Even when Buddha lies down in peace, there is a wave inside him. Inactivity should not be confused with being lazy or unproductive. When Buddha asks you to just not do something for the heck of it, he asks you to watch and take more appropriate and intelligent decisions for yourself while you do something which helps you.

Pointless activity is worthless. But no activity is lethal too. Imagine a world where Adam and Eve have not eaten the knowledge fruit. We would still be naked and eating some grass on the ground. There won’t even be gum to chew!

A conscious person acts spontaneously. He/she does not merely look. He/she acts according to the ballgame. He/she Acts intelligently.  A normal person like me acts according to her experiences and knowledge. Acts on the deeds done in the past. Such a person is not dynamic. It’s like being a photo. A photo does not change. It remains the same forever.

A very famous story goes like this: A realist philosopher criticized Picasso for making abstract paintings. He went to Picasso with his ideologies and told him that his paintings did not depict reality and were lost in symbols.

“Look this is a picture of my wife. If you are painting my wife then it should look like my wife. See!”
Picasso looked at the picture and said, “Your wife is so flat and small. I am surprised!”
“The picture cannot be my wife!”images

Similarly we too are trapped in the web of our past experiences. Its like a blanket of smoke which is refusing to lift up. Taking the form of a veil which covers a bride and which stay there for the society and not rationales. We should be receptive and active. Buddha talks about being a different kind of dormant. He asks us to be active in our senses and receive what is happening around like a flowing river which can seize everything you throw at it but takes along only what it desires.

Be alert! Says Osho. Be aware of even the silences between the drags of breaths that you inhale. The world wants us to be alive! But alive not like a dead leaf which flows with the air and goes wherever the wind takes it. The powers of the universe want you to flow. Flow like the river which carves a path for itself when the need arises!

“Aankhon mein jal rahaa hai kyuun bujhataa nahin dhuuan,
Uthataa to hai ghataa saa barasataa nahin dhuaan”


4 thoughts on “Don’t Move!

  1. send me other new post as well. i missed few of them.

    On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 4:50 PM, Aviral Jain wrote:

    > i like it badi di. nicely written. 🙂 > > On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 4:34 PM, Tanushree Srivastava <

  2. Fascinating thoughts! I think there is much to say for being reminded that we are Human ‘Beings’ not Human ‘Doings’! Choosing what we do, or don’t do, is very important indeed or we will busy ourselves so much we forget how to just be.

  3. Yes, yes and again – yes! This touches upon a subject dear to my ancient heart; that of our distance from nature. I am far more concerned at the awareness we are losing rather than the comfort of possession: we should be looking and feeling and retaining our natural sense, but we constantly and increasingly deny it.

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