Planned by Chance

imagesInferring today how you came along,
You were,
That unavailable song,
That staple I kept too long,
That drunken glance which became too strong,
Which always felt wrong.

You became that silent breeze,
Which put me at ease.
Pulled me out from those silent sprees,
Like the bottomless seas.

You were spooky,
You could sense me moody,
You knew when my mood was a dark shade of blue,
Turning into a dusky shade of murky soot.

And before I could shed those tears,
You wiped off all those fears,
Which loomed beneath that shield,
Yes, I was healed.

We tried to match pace,
Forged our own little space,
You tried to cut the chase,
But we weren’t probably in that place,
But my smiles were all for that beautiful face.

We continue our journey,
Holding hands,
Separated by the lands,
Making plans.


Ek puraana mausam lauta, yaad bhari purvayi bhi;
Aisa toh kam hi hota hai, woh bhi ho tanhayi bhi. ~ Gulzar


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