Flame Sting

You granted me the love I always desired,
You came along like an element of me that I never knew.
You were the curve of that smile,
You were the aroma of my coffee,
You were the words that made me rational,
You were the hand that made walk.

downloadThat touch stirred my soul,
That gaze held me close,
Those fingers made me dance,
Every conversation made me learn something by chance.

You then became the tears I cried,
Those tears of joy,
Those tears of sorrow,
Then there were only those tears that I shed.

As I tossed from one side to other,
You became my sleepless night,
You became my heartless banter,
As the loud voice became meek,
Your allegations made me weak.

No, I did not cheat,
No there was no heat,
There was no one,
You inferring this left me stunned.

I wanted to cry to the stars at night,
Scream from the heights,
The nights wanted to hurt me,
But I was sure that was not what you would want for me.

I wish I can live away from the pain,
Live a life which makes me feel sane,
I won’t give in to these blood tears,
But this time I will make sure that nobody comes anywhere near.


13 thoughts on “Flame Sting

  1. When I started reading the first stanza I thought I would say did Tanu find a Manu.. Then as the poem went ahead I just hoped it was just a really good poem…

    Hope all is well.. Take care..

  2. I hope this came from your imagination not from experience :-/ I certainly hope the resolution at the end isn’t your own. We’re human – we’re meant to bleed…

  3. Hi ! I don’t really know you but I just wanted to say that you’re really lucky because you are an excellent writer and just because you’re really talented.So whatever it is,I am sure you’ll get over it.And its gonna take time of course, but thats one thing I am kind of happy about, ’cause I am gonna get to read many more poems like this to read!! Just kidding !! All the best and get well soon
    p.s. I just read my comment and realised it sounds a little tacky so sorry about that.

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