Room No.701

The lighted airplane flew just above my head in the starry expanse. It was the tenth in a short span of time. The clear night sky was occupied with brilliantly white clouds which occasionally hid the spotty milky moon.

As I lay on the grass mountain on my back, I realized how simple life was a month back and how far I have come in the new path that I chose for myself. Another airplane flew disturbing my trail of thoughts. It is funny how priorities change and how easily new people walk in to your life to leave their imprint.

The grass made my body itch now. Small mosquitoes and mysterious bugs were constantly impinging upon my body. It was time for a normal person to go inside. I retrospect my life even more. Am I too complex who doesn’t know how to behave as a normal person in a social setting? I for one am always the person who wears her heart on her sleeve. I for one never recommend that for others, it has its own catastrophic repercussions.

The constant screeching noise from the stone grinding machine had started to appear like music combined with my collection of Beatles album which played on my phone. Everything on the campus had made me more adjusting every day. As I observed one of the founding members of the college come each day to the campus to make things perfect, I learned perseverance. As I saw him eat the food the students ate, I learned humility. It is strange how people from a distance without talking make such a deep impact on our mind.IMG_20140926_175404257

I learn but I am not perfect. Five weeks in to my MBA course and I have my own share of controversies which is almost the sum total of what twenty people did in the same time. Every morning I get up and pray to God for more kindness, more patience and the ability to shut up. I fail miserably each time.

I always want to speak, I always need to voice my opinion and say what is lingering deep inside. Is it always worth it? Absolutely not! Can I bring it under control? Doubt it highly!

It’s just not it. While people of my age love to do sweet talk and be nice and sweet to everyone. I do the opposite and always receive flak. I don’t like people of my age, period. I like people who are way mature and older than me, story of my life. I’d rather go and spend time with someone who is ten years older than me than a person who is my age. Psycho? Yes, big time!

I have always lived at my home and with my parents. It is the first time that I am living independently. It is nothing like I imagined it to be. I don’t exploit my new found freedom like I thought I would when I was back home day dreaming about living alone in a hostel. Human mind is not easy comprehend and that too if it’s a woman’s mind, tough job._20140928_192422

As I sang my favourite Bill Joel song with the phone in a high pitch voice, the security guard came and I was once again on the wrong side of the rules book. No I was not allowed to lie down on grass and stare at airplanes on that beautiful stellar night. Time to go back to Room No.701.


6 thoughts on “Room No.701

  1. When I was young, I found that spending time with older people gave me an insight into the life ahead of me. I gained knowledge from the wisdom they had gathered from experience.

    When you are living in a world that is nothing like you imagined it to be, it can take a bit of getting used to. Hopefully it will change for you in time.

  2. I love your taste in music and I empathise with your emotions. I too wear my heart on my sleeve and often end up hurt – at the moment that’s especially true. Yet, that’s me and it has paid its dividends too so I’ll live with it. I find I enjoy people who have life – whether they be very young or in their forties like me or very old. We can learn something new from almost anyone if we get to know them well enough. 🙂

  3. When you said that our priorities change and new people walk into our lives, I wanted to say something about that too. Probably because this has been bugging me for so long now.

    This maybe a small note on how I’m sorry for not keeping in touch with all the good people, who have been with me in certain periods of my life.
    I sometimes consider myself to be known a lot among people at school, office and wherever I hang out..People usually know me. I however, have only a few friends with whom I keep in touch with.
    Lets say that I move to a new place or join a new class. There will be plenty of people with whom I communicate very often. The moment I move out or finish with my degree or whatever, all these people are gone! I mean, I don’t usually KIT with them, if you know what I mean. There is no real reason to actually.
    So it got me thinking for some time now and I feel that it is a bad habit of mine to be letting go of these good people. I’m not the kind who like to chat on messenger, fb, and all these social media stuff. People should grow up is what I think. (lol)
    Anyhoo, what I’m trying to say is that, (maybe you could give me your honest opinion on this) I’m not sort of abandoning anyone but just moving on with life with no regrets as to having met these people. I just go along the way, and that’s all there is to it.

    Sorry, I’ve taken so much space out of your blog to let this out, but I really wanted to. Couldn’t risk posting it on mine, anyway.. 😀

    Cheers Tanu!
    PS: You’ve got a nice style of writing and it’s been awhile since I last visited yours. Should do more often. You see the pattern here? 🙂

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