Yen Bite

The stillness of that hot summer day in Delhi was in flagrant disparity with the racket inside the belly of two little girls. Bones of those tiny fingers were tightly clasped with the fear of getting lost. They had escaped but they were not free. Their qualms had a tight grip on them. The uneven stones pressed against their rough feet devoid of any flesh. Alvira and Amyra winced with pain but pursued their journey to reach ‘their’ Mecca. Of course it was prohibited, of course it was against the rules but wasn’t it absolutely essential? That was the only question in their mind.

The bells were ringing in the background, the cars honked and the bikes were coming to a screeching halt. They did not know how to cross the road but knew the language of their growling belly. The sun was not ready to give up, it shone brighter and burned their little backs. A sudden waft of cold air stopped their tiny feet. For the first time they looked up and around them.

rajpath_india-wallpaper-1366x768It was like an Elephant, no bigger than that, it was bigger than anything they had ever seen. Eyes popping out, the fear of something entirely different arrested their feet. What if that big wall fell down on them? The shiny big glass door opened again by a man whose hands were as white as chalk. The cold air blew past them again. What was inside that huge door? Snow world?

Amyra led the way and walked in amazement. The hunger pangs had taken a back seat. The big walls had big glasses with colorful clothes. Alvira pressed her nose against the cool glass of the showroom window. She had never seen some one as beautiful as this lady who was abnormally still. The man with white hands shooed them away. Amyra wanted to be inside that glass where the world seemed to have so much color.

Last night was tough but the plan was fool proof. They had to climb at the back of the truck just when the last box was about to load. The truck was rumored to be travelling to the city of Food. The truck driver was not pleased to see them when he unloaded the cartons and scared them away. Alvira and Amyra ran to the road. The shop across the road had little golden traingle things which people were eating. They ran to the end of the road braving the endless cars and bikes. The end of that chivalrous journey ended up outside a big building which was ready to fall on them anytime.

indian_squirrel-wallpaper-1366x768They saw a boy. He was huge and he was eating something. It was brown and round. The smell of that juicy little thing made their stomach rumble one more time. The cool place opened again, a girl sipped away a red drink, droplets of water made its way to the end of her fingers. Her partner was happily chewing an oozy triangle crust like a chappati but thicker. It looked odd but delicious. Their eyes were full of lust and traced that triangle thing’s route. Out of nowhere it fell down.

The man was not happy. But Amyra and Alvira’s eyes light up. The man walked away leaving behind a feast. The girls gorged on that tasty little chewy thing. If this was lying on the ground, they could find something else too nearby. They walked to a small drum. It was smelling of food. That was it.

They ramaged the content and pulled out some wrappers. These were things they had never had but it was food. Somethings were sticky, while somethings were smooth to eat and drink. They hadn’t eaten like this ever before. The sun was setting and their eyes were becoming heavy with the weight of seeing too much in one day.

The nearby Mazar was cool to touch. They closed their eyes to the ferocious city before deciding to go that ‘drum with food’ again. Infernal, they slept.


9 thoughts on “Yen Bite

  1. Wow! extremely well written. Didnt feel like liking it. This is indeed the state and fate of some people here 😦 … keep writing…

  2. Hey There! Love your work 🙂 I know this isnt really the time, but I couldnt stop myself from asking where you bought the boots you posted in My Conflicts way back on OCTOBER 21, 2013. Thanks much love and keep on writing!

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