A Breezy Rendezvous

The clouds decided to wander off in the mountains,
The sun was exuberant to leave before time.
The trees called out to me,
It was time to let everyone have a part of me.

IMG_20140609_180134230_HDRI was roaring with energy,
So I decided to dance to the tune of Shiva.
As I blew past the Pine trees and the small flaps of birds,
They welcomed me with a bow and endless chirps.

The leaves began to wrestle,
Wanting a bit more of me than the rest.
I frisked them apart,
And bounced down the road,
They turned and twisted,
Chased me down the road,
I hid and I stopped,
Furious they fell on the fast speeding cart.flat,550x550,075,f

Though on the ground,
Intoxicated with my dance,
They rocked and rolled,
I bent down and kissed the greens,
They blazed with sheen.

I waltzed past the towering hills,
The man with the cows fell down,
He smiled and gave in to my will.

tumblr_mwwbqnt0JW1qfzbpyo1_500God above blew the conch shell,
Signalled me that I had raised enough hell.
I did my last move,
Swung my left foot over the right,
And dissolved out of sight.


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