Blazing Rumination

The cool February breeze rode into my room and blew the curtains apart. I held my morning coffee in one hand and the newspaper in another. The newspaper’s Editorial section is more of a reminder for me each morning that this where I should be writing than a place to really read. But I learn.

phones___newspapers-wallpaper-960x540 (1)The newspaper was packed with news of the new book on Hindu mythology which is banned in India now. Although there have been instances in the past where the freedom of speech has been brutally murdered by the politicians, it was and it is always accepted by us. The publisher and the party concerned always finds a way to settle things outside court.

But is it justified? I don’t think so. Increasingly the people of India have become ridiculously sensitive about everything that happens in the media. Right from a name to a symbol, anything is provocative for the masses today. The religious and socialist group give sappy reasons of formulation of such things, insult. I agree, some of them are offensive and sometime the media does cross a line when it comes to portraying a certain image. But that’s about it.

Being a writer for quite some time now I know how much time it takes to write a correct sentence. How much time goes into creating an idea, a story and presenting it to the world in a way which is interesting to conceive. The newspaper reporter had a point, why would someone spend so much time in writing a book to insult somebody? If I have to insult somebody, mere violence and voicing something in the media will do the trick.

A writer loves writing and a scholar spends even more time to nurture the creation of a book. So if someone thinks that it is written to hurl an insult at him or his concerned group, he is definitely deluded. I have the right to bring forward a view which is divergent from the mainstream perspective of how things are and if I have the audacity to do so, I would expect my publisher to do the same.

A veteran muslim leader thought that the madarsas were operating in an obsolete fashion and taught irrelevant course material some 100 years back, imagine the kind of revolution needed in that area. Some of them deject it but they hide in the masses. The literary world should not be constant, it is ever evolving and that’s the way it should be. If we teach what was relevant 500 years back, we might as well consider halting the whole entity altogether.

We as citizens should be more adaptable to the new permutations in the society. The essential point to always consider is that why a single person would want to disgrace us in any way. When we write a book, produce a movie or create anything new, a lot of hard work and talent goes into it, be rest assured it is made with love and to entertain or change a certain outlook of the society. ever ready to witness a revolution.


12 thoughts on “Blazing Rumination

  1. If we agree that writing should always be “revolutionary in one form or another” it should also be agreed that we should accept whatever consequences come from that as our responsibility.

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