I shone, I dimmed & then I slept…..

city_balloons-wallpaper-960x540She wept and she wept,
She rolled on the ground to get her way,
Her eyes shone when she got it in her hands- her balloon.

“Bow wow”, I couldn’t comprehend what he wanted,
Complex at first, life is simple,
She fed him a piece of bread,
Not knowing she completed a world tonight.

*Clank *Clink,
He kept hitting and sewing,
The pile of shoes kept diminishing,
And so did his spirits,
Thank you Bhai, you repaired my favorite pair!”,
A smile broke his tension and *clank goes the next pair.

hummingbirds-wallpaper-960x540As she sat upon my shoulder,
She scanned the scene,
A loud hoot made her intention clear,
A bowl of water filled her beak.

He protested, he was trying, he reasoned,
But not hard enough my child, burn the midnight oil”,
But he had a point and he argued,
“The electricity is there all night mommy, I try”.

I shook a bit,
The wind blew,
The leaves flew,
And there went those swish cars.

“He should quit and leave”,
She listened patiently,
On he went about his despair,
She didn’t understand civics but she agreed,
As she held his hands and guided his chair.

trees_by_streetlight-wallpaper-960x540The landscape cleared,
The shrubs wheezed out in relief,
The sun was bracing to rise,
I shone, I dimmed,
I closed my eyes to a mellow dream.




9 thoughts on “I shone, I dimmed & then I slept…..

  1. This made me remember very short stories which i had written….

    Very well written :).. Dunno why loved the shoe repair one the most… then i shook a bit , wind blew…


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