When I fell in Love with that Hero!

As I walked into the theater with a bucket of popcorn and a large Coke to catch the latest flick, I never knew my life was gonna change. Although I am a great movie buff and I cry at all scenes emotional, I rarely come out of a movie with an overwhelming feeling like this.gift-card-basket

The moment the big screen lighted up in the theater and he walked across the frame, my heart melted. The sudden liking for someone is so beautiful and so romantic that it leaves you grinning stupidly at even the oddest things possible in life. Life stops between those glances you steal of that person. Blame it on the character he played in the movie or his stupid good looks, he was all I wanted. I was so in love with him that after some time the motion picture shifted focus and I could see him smiling at me.

The light was obviously dim, the rose petals were raining from the sky and he was walking in the most dashing way possible towards me. The crooked smile made me swoon all over again and just when I was about to hit the ground, his superman power and exceptionally toned muscles saved me!

The violins started playing and just then he took me in his arms. It was the romantic dance ever and so like the DDLJ love which every girl dreams of in my generation. God was kind enough to send a man who could make my head spin and melt my heart away.328eef853d40c3b7540b48c415bdda85

His deep romantic eyes were all that I wanted to look at and his attention was all that I wanted. Just went it was getting interesting, the stupid song stopped playing and it was the painful Break where my brother complained about the empty popcorn bucket. I went out grinning to grab a bite.

The movie continued but my dream sequence did not. I watched the second part starry-eyed. I cried when he cried and grunted when the movie finished. Now all I could think of was the Hero. He was unattainable but it was like that stupid love guys have for their teachers, it’s so stupid that you might just end up hitting yourself on the road with a car thinking about her and still not get her!

I am lucky. I have a million photos on Google, I have a list of his romantic songs and then there they are – my dreams!

The best thing about these things in life is that they make you appreciate love and life. Even though sometimes love is as stupid as a Filmy Hero infatuation where we put up posters in our room and hug it each morning, it makes us happy and makes us grin.

downloadDuring this crazy phase I have realized I never grinned so much and never heard so many beautiful songs before. I took out time to listen to those songs and pen down my feeling in my diary. Life is so romantic and so beautiful because of these instances in life. I know that no matter what I do, I may never even end up meeting him, but I am still happy, so it made me learn one thing, I should be happy even when the things I want are not mine because life is about so many other things like Falling in Love with A Hero! 😀


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