Love Timer

clock_mechanism-wallpaper-960x540Do you always have a mental click every time some body does something which affects your life in some way?

All of us tend to judge people every time they do something. If they do good, they are angels and they instantly shoot up in our Loyalty Barometer. They quickly climb up and find a good place in our hearts. We see them as our best hope in life. Our Love Timer was ticking all the time when the person was being nice to us.

The happy memories of our life, our journeys, are always supported by our friends and family, sometimes strangers, but that’s rare. The long-lasting relationships in our lives are few. We have a few friends and a few relatives who truly mean to us. But we don’t keep aside our timer even for them.

The moment one of them does something wrong, we bring our guards up and sever our bond with them. We tend to dismiss all those things they previously stood for, like helping us or just having a good time together. All we remember is the present. It’s not crummy to think of what they did right now. But don’t they deserve the benefit of doubt? Don’t they deserve the one-time-mistake chance?id_walk_along_the_railway-wallpaper-960x540

I am just saying that as a rule in life we should never judge a person by immediate instances in life. A relationship and that person should always be given chances and they should be judged over a time span or in other words, a phase. You should always have a phase to justify your severing ties with a person. I am not asking you to give this benefit to all those who exist in your life because then you will end up losing more than benefiting. But yes, those close to you deserve this gift from you.

I love my friends and family & although I inherited my family, I did not have the same benefit with friends. I had to carefully pick out some crazy people in the 22 years of my life. Its been tough finding such amazing people, so I try to keep my love timer under control and in my wardrobe locker when I meet them. They are too special to be bombarded by an irritating Tick Tock Tick Tock!

black_rose_3-wallpaper-960x540“The rose’s rarest essence lives in the thorns.” 
― Rumi


8 thoughts on “Love Timer

  1. Wise words. In my 42 years I’ve picked up some wonderful friends and, yes, sometimes, some have hurt me. Never deliberately, always with at least good intentions even if ill-advised and sometimes just because they’ve lashed out as we all tend to with our closest ones because we can drop our own guard.
    I used to be unforgiving but as the years have gone on I’ve realised that my friends put up with an awful lot more from ME!
    Once I saw this, it changed my perspective a great deal. It’s easier to forgive someone once you realise they have been forgiving you all this time. 🙂

  2. We all feel that we can read people right away… but only after few reads can we be certain about them… Benefit of doubt is crucial in life….:)
    Very nice 🙂

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