5 Things I am Grateful for This Christmas!

1. GOD:god

God has been nothing but kind to me. More generous to me than I could have ever imagined. I thank God for bestowing upon me the art of writing and Love to spread happiness to everyone. God made me realize that no matter what, he is always watching over me. So I should never be naughty. naugy

He made me see that only selflessness and the desire to help people will take me a long way.

PS:Yes, he says, Miracles do happen 🙂

2. Family & Friends:

My family and friends are total rockstars. They sing, they dance and can totally make you have the time of your life. They love me unconditionally and know how to have fun in life. Over everything they are always there for me and have something nice to say to me when I am feeling down.



My parents especially for going along with my crazy choices and always loving me for everything I do. I am blessed 🙂


Uncle 🙂

My Uncle (mama) for always telling me that I have in me to write professionally.

My cousins for always putting me a smile on my face.

Cousins :)

Cousins 🙂

My friends who are always ready to go some place nice and celebrate.



3. Books:

I purchased an awful number of books this year and I am every bit grateful to all the books that I read. They opened me to limitless possibilities in life. Some taught me to love unconditionally while others taught me that it is always right to raise voice against evil and dishonest people. bookssss

Some books even inspired me to write and change my perspective towards life. I have started reading a lot of a spiritual books and I am thankful from the bottom of my heart to each and every writer who wrote all these wonderful books which enriched my life.

4. My Workplace

Me packing gifts for an orphanage :)

Me packing gifts for an orphanage 🙂

My workplace is basically this desk and laptop and yes I am lucky to be at home, be with my family and work. The past year has taught me the importance the Giving only because of James Schaffer who is my partner now but has always been a mentor and a third parent who guided me through the dark tunnel towards the light of Giving.

Executive Director of FFA

Executive Director of FFA

My South Indian NGO, The Franciscan Family Apostolate for embracing me like their family member.

Alan (right) and FFA members

Alan (right) and FFA members

Alan Ouimet for making me an important part of his FFA family and telling me all those countless stories about FBI and life in general and also for reading my horoscope. I hope I am able to see at least 50% of what he saw in his lifetime 🙂

5. Everything Else:

Some mushy stuff coming up!

The newspaper man-For opening a new window to see the world/milk man-For the gift of strength/courier boy-For those endless trips to my place because of my online shopping craze 🙂 /Washer Man-For ironing my clothes each day/Guard-For protecting me day and night/My Car Cleaner-For preventing the car from turning into a garbage can/Maid-For always cleaning my house.

For the air that I breathe in because the last time I checked, ours is the only planet which has One part of Oxygen and Two parts of Hydrogen combined together.361788

Those strangers who made me realize that saying a cheerful, “Hi!!” doesn’t hurt.

IMG_4129For those movies like It’s a Wonderful Life and many more which keep my belief in Magic alive.

For all those songs which cheer me up and make me dance.

For light so that I can see you and everything else around me.

Yes, He is Coming!

Yes, He is Coming!

Last but not the least, festivals like these which make me super duper emotional and happy. BTW, This is my favorite festival after Diwali 🙂

I’ll be back with another list next year, until then have this very special drink!op





8 thoughts on “5 Things I am Grateful for This Christmas!

  1. Yes, we all have plenty to be thankful for. ‘Tis season for giving and unconditional love & unconditional forgiveness should be given. Of all the things to be thankful, we must surely thank our body (self) for enduring one more year without giving up or falling seriously ill.
    I wish you a merry yuletide season; may you have a still better year in 2014.

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