Yes? No? Answer Me!




“You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don’t ever count on having both at once.”
― Robert A. Heinlein


Often we are in the middle of  a crisis. What should we do in a moment when the choice is really tough? When the soul is looking for an answer and the mind and heart give you two different answers, the soul is still confused, it shouts out from the little tiny space in your system.

Risk always accompanies us in our life. When we travel from one moment to another, we are entering into a new risk zone. The last moment is always somehow more comforting and secure. But aren’t we lucky that we are able to witness this? Makes us at least different from the machines who have a certain life and no risks.

Taking a risk is not always right but the word ‘risk’ is always related to ‘adventure’, the thrill of life and the joy of not knowing whats going to happen. We succeed and we fail. But can we always take risks in life? We are always known by the risks and decisions we take in life. Our lives are formed as a result of the decisions we took at a moment.

What acts in opposition is security. Risk is not security and security is always superficial. The Bhagavad Gita clearly asks us of what we brought with us to this world and what are we going to take with us when we leave it? Nothing, right? We have to leave everything behind anyway, so why lose our sleep over excess money that we wont be able to use in our life? What will we do with the pile of money unused? Of course we can’t take it with us, what fun it would have been if it was at all

Remember the pyramids and the Mummies, they were sadly mistaken for centuries that we are able to carry forward our wealth to the next birth. They buried all sorts of things like gold, furniture, etc, including food in the pyramids with the dead to give them comfort in the next life. Not even the king was allowed this advantage and we are mere sleep-less-work-more individuals, we wont have the privilege either.

But you have to choose between being the person who is an expert and the person who embarks upon journey after journey to live life fully. First option is possible with the 10,000 hours formula. Spend 10k hours on something you are passionate about and here you go, you are The Expert. You are secure.

pathThe second option gives you the freedom to walk on the grassy path which is less used. You have adventure, you take risks and you say Yes to every opportunity your heart loves. Trust me, its Tough!

But so many other people are neither the 1st option nor the second, they are hanging mid way. They have neither applied the 10,ooo hours formula and neither did they take the risks. Life for them becomes mundane after a while and then creeps indecisiveness where the reality is always different from what their hearts want from life. Their soul is The Most Disturbed one.

I am using ‘They’ and not ‘Me’ because I took my risks some months back and I am standing with them and Happy.

I hope you become either 1 or 2 so that your soul is in peace and doesn’t shout out for Help!

“We are our choices.”
― Jean-Paul Sartre


16 thoughts on “Yes? No? Answer Me!

  1. Life after death is a mystery and we dont actually know what happens..

    The second part i completely agree but not necessary that we need to take all the risks….

    I am yet to take few risks, maybe i am scared , maybe i am waiting for some hint… but i am not disturbed, i am smiling as always with little worries…

    Your writings are really good… 🙂 always good to read….

    • Hey Aneesh

      I did not mean to say that you have to take all risks that cross your life but we should take a chance sometimes. Being 100% secure is soo boring, right? 😀

      I know how difficult it is to take those risks, imagine me, I am an Engineer and look what I am doing, but those choices shaped my life. I am sure your risk and your choice will shape up your life.

      All the best dude!

      • To be honest you are one step ahead of me!! :).. I would like to make writing as my work as well but being a engineer and having a job, i am like completely stuck with it. I remember reading one of your writings from before where you talked about your transition from being an engineer to charity springs writer.. It is Charity springs right?

        So when i read that i wanted to say i would love to do that work but i never dared!!

        Ya 100% secure is indeed boring… Baby steps towards taking risks. I have eliminated lot of minor risks of my life in past 2 months!! It felt good 🙂

        all the best to you too 🙂 … Hmm Is there any equivalent word of Dude for ladies!!!

      • its charity spring.. and well i am not really a writer but yes a majority of it IS writing and I am thankful to God that I did not end up in some MNC!

        I am pretty much boring too!

        dude works just fine! 😉

      • whatever it may be, if you write something and present it to the world to see.. you are a writer 🙂 …

        I am stuck in MNC!!

        I am sure there are lots of risk waiting for you ahead. So it wont be boring for long..

        Ok Dude 🙂

  2. loving this piece, tanushree. it has enlightened me on the importance of choices. and thanks for the like on my poem ”cross and crescent”, am surprised you like it. You are the first Asian, liking my blog, and it feels great, please do well to follow,looking forward to more of your post and you reading mine, like your smile, by the way.

  3. Fascinating thoughts! Personally, I try to have both – though the peace is easy for me (it’s a state of mind after all and so under my control) whereas freedom is not something I can do much about. I’d rather have peace than freedom any day though…

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