Buried Hints

a_place_to_drift-wallpaper-960x540While we are walking down the road or doing whatever we do, the end results always lead to sense gratification. Now what is wrong with that, one might ask, I say Nothing. If that is the only desire you have in life.

Why is that some people in our lives are better than us, now when I say ‘better’ then this word and comparisons may differ for each individual. Some people see better as better financially, some see better as better looking while some see better as better nature wise. In my life I have seen only a few people who love everyone they meet and people love them back. How are they different?

Can I love everyone I meet? No, simply because I am engrossed in myself and I have my strong opinions which prevent me from seeing inward rather than outward. So the only way in which I improve myself is detachment.

A person who performs all his duties in this world and never worries about the result is dear to God. Now that is difficult because for us, a work begins with the result in mind, I am not saying that we should not have an objective in mind, we should do it with full dedication and not worry too much about what is going to happen in the near future.

If we can, in any way control our reactions in life then this is it. My problem and I am sure a lot of people can relate with this is that we can’t control situations and our urge to own. Our senses are only partially in control. We don’t have full control over the section of our system which wants gratification.

When we are pure from our inside, we can love everybody with an open heart. Just mere show off that we love everybody is not the solution. When we are cleansed inside, it shows on our face. He/she is a free soul, free from material bondage, detached from the frilly comforts of life. God is asking us to come to his abode but only when we do this right, we are allowed in his circle of influence.

tumblr_ktiziubNe01qzpe8uo1_500So how do we do all this?

Find an answer and tell me too!




5 thoughts on “Buried Hints

  1. I have an answer for you, do something you love, where you are in the moment. That way you cleanse yourself, don’t have a result in mind because you are just being in that moment. Its about been spiritual noruished, if we are then everything should fall into place on its own. Thats my take anyway 🙂 Great post.

  2. such a wonderful thought- all our lives we are seeking to be sought in every way – materially,emotionally,financially,socially et al. This is a complex phenomenon and no has a cookie cutter approach that works for all – sad but true.:(

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