Rustic Love


My Nani with her youngest Grandson

As I entered the room full of people, hers was the only face I could see. Everything else was a blur. She broke into a smile when she saw me. Her hollow saggy eyes lit up and she extended her hands to hug me. I ran towards her and hugged her tightly. She is frail and weak, old age is arresting her like never before. The love my life, she is my Nani (My mother’s mother).

She is still the boss of the house and still has  NO for an answer to everything we want to do. We as grand children love  her immensely and yet annoy her all the time. She is fun, she jokes and she can say things which can leave you open-mouthed. She has a peculiar habit of reading every word of the morning newspaper. She always leaves us in fits of laughter when she narrates those cheesy newspaper stories to us. She spends hours with her newspaper, nobody can take that away from her.

She is the life of the house. Nothing happens without her consent and she has those magical stories for us from her time. The way she traveled in boats to reach from one place to another and how she handled raising up 5 kids. My love for her is limitless and her smile strikes right in to my heart. Just her appearance is heart rendering. DSC_4011 This Diwali when we demanded for fire crackers from her (we secretly know she has everything in the world one wants), she refused. She made faces and said she will give it tomorrow. Then tomorrow came and she didn’t feel like giving up her crackers. We yelled and demanded, did not relent until she agreed. We sneaked in the adjacent room to see where she hid her crackers. But she headed at the back of the house and returned with a Huge briefcase. We were flabbergasted as she opened it, to reveal, it being full of crackers. To us, it was like Gold. This is 2013, November.

She always remembers my Nana Ji (Her husband) and tells me how happy he would have been if he saw that I write professionally too. My Nana Ji was a prolific writer and poet, he wrote beautiful English and Hindi poems. How proud he would have been to see me write. But life has better plans for each one of us and I accept all of them with a smile. Who am I to question God’s intentions?

My Nani is a Queen, she is a soap opera freak, she is has a knack for preparing sumptuous Chicken dishes, she is a Salt Lover, she is a dream, she is a feminist, she is a mother, she is moody, she is lovable, she is awesome, she is a grand mother, she is life itself, She is My Negative Nani 🙂queen-crown-hi


10 thoughts on “Rustic Love

  1. Nice post. This reminded me of my Nani who passed away last March. I hadn’t lived with her since coming to US, but was glad to see her just couple of months before she passed away…!

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