22 & wisdom starts to set in…….

cg“Study me as much as you like, you will not know me, for I differ in a hundred ways from what you see me to be. Put yourself behind my eyes and see me as I see myself, for I have chosen to dwell in a place you cannot see.”
― Rumi

When I wrote 21 & insane…. little did I know about how my life will shape in the next 1 year. For one thing, I am finally out of my “Teen Hangover” and I have much more sense. No, I am not boring but yes less complacent. Its been a year since I wrote the last list and its time that I write the next 22 points about my life.

Caution: My life is NOT interesting so you may skip reading the list anyway. For the Love of Me which I think is very important, I present to you, ME in my 22nd year of this crazy life.

1. I continue to have a compulsive cleanliness disorder. It has increased many folds where I keep adjusting the wires of my laptop charger if they are not aligned properly in its correct angle. I wont be writing this if I didn’t have the surety of having everything Clean, My way. I may come to meet you and start cleaning the room if its dirty, No, I am not scary.

2. My focus has shifted to Brown shoes from Pink shoes. Realization has finally struck me that no matter how many (read 6) pairs of pink shoes you have, you Can Not wear them with 70% of your outfits. Brown pretty much covers everything 🙂

3. I am finally running out of words and so I speak less now. So compared to the 16 hours of non stop jabbing, I talk less, more like 8 hours? Go figure!

4. I started with this blog, this was my only blog and I started it in June 2012, I now have 6 blogs. Yes, 6 blogs and spent some crazy hours to get the design right, That weirdness to get it perfectly done comes complimentary with the cleanliness disorder.

5. My Harry Potter connection is stronger than before. My latest fantasy is to visit the Warner Bros studio replicating Hogwarts in London!

6. I have developed this weird habit of smiling in 10 different ways. Oh yes, I know those 10 ways by which one can smile 😉

7. I am slowly turning into a vegan. Its damn tough and trust me this is all I need to control my senses in every way. For me, it is a way to discipline myself. If I achieve this, I am the Queen. 😀

8. My power these days come from Yoga. Yoga amidst  trees and inside a hut. This is one thing that keeps me going all day. You should definitely try doing Yoga if you are sad, unhealthy or just unsatisfied. It is like Love, once you fall for it, you can not leave it.

9. I have started writing random (read ‘wisdomy’ stuff) in 2 of my diaries and what I write in there sometimes scares me when I read them later. I try to find answers to some of my questions which I can’t ask anybody, so I write whatever comes in my head at that instant. Maybe its God speaking to me through these words ( eerie stuff, right?)

tumblr_m786jdxzgq1qdzaxuo1_50010. I can not stop Eating. I control myself and then I lose it when I see food. I diet for 10 days and then one fine day that muffin walks up to me telling me that I should eat it, who am I to refuse such a sweet soul?

11. I have gone from John Grisham to these really heavy spiritual books, the transition was gradual and I love it. I am slowly covering every religion to know them deeply. I strongly believe and know as fact that every religion preaches the same message but differently and through different stories. I am saying this because I have read about 3 of them. They teach you how to be unselfish, have gratitude and be a person of character who helps the poor.
I have finished so many spiritual books that I think that even though I am not practicing them as it is, they have somehow entered my system by default. I have finished reading, The Ramayan, Mere Christianity, Buddha in Daily Life and many more. I am currently reading The Bhagavad Gita.

12. I am an impulsive buyer and that is my biggest problem. I keep buying books and always have like 5 new books waiting to be read. Although I love buying books, I DON’T like them being gifted to me simply because my taste doesn’t match with what people gift me. I have to keep them and don’t want to read them which is non ethical in my world.

13. I want to build my own personal library and I HATE apps like Kindle which are killing the main essence of reading. The magical scent of new pages when you start reading a new book with a new book mark is priceless. How can you sacrifice that for an Ipad/tablet reading? Not done!

14. My 22nd year has made me more emotional than ever. That doesn’t work in my favor and I would rather trade it for something better in life like being calm and composed in the toughest of situations.

15. I have turned into a really good listener. Believe it or not, I used to walk away when I couldn’t stand people talking non sense, but with (read old) age the power has finally descended from the heaven for me. But, I LOVE this new thing. I am more open to listening as I speak less like I told you and listen to people and their stories which are infinite times more interesting than my stories!

16. My small room has 15 paintings! Yes 15! It’s so crammed up with stuff on the wall that my mom wants to throw them all away. I can’t throw away a gift and have this mad urge to use them, so 15.

17. I have very few friends and those who are there are my school friends. I couldn’t make friends after that, sad? I don’t think so. As we grow up, trust become an issue and I have serious trust issues. Plus school friends are like those mad people who never leave you even if you boycott them. They keep banging your door until you let them in and then they eat your food and leave you hungry! 😀

18. I love to give gifts, you can call me to get one 🙂tumblr_ldrmbj0VQm1qclrjao1_500_large

19. My life’s motive has gradually moved from being a machine’s person to a person who is working to help the poor. No, I am not doing anything great but at least whatever I do is an act to make their lives better. I am not doing enough, I know. I need to over step that barrier and do something great. I don’t know what yet, but I WILL. Maybe next year when you read a new list, you will see something huge happening. Yes, I am ridiculously optimistic about everything.

20. I love travelling and after visiting Hogwarts, I want to go meet Batman in the States (yeah, I know Batman) 😉

21. Life has changed drastically from being an animal shaped jewelry freak to some elegant choices, from being talkative to being a listener, from being a detective book reader to spirituality and the list goes on. The scars of the last battle are now fading faster than ever before.

22. Life at 22 is awesome. I love everything about it and the fact that you are reading it right down to 22 makes me feel blessed. I have earned your smile and a little part of your brain will now always remember me. My work here is done.

“Anyone who knows me, should learn to know me again;
For I am like the Moon,
you will see me with new face everyday.” 312682


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