Discovering Myself Part II – A Blank Picture

under_the_moonlight-wallpaper-960x540“Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon;
How much it can fill your room depends on its windows.” 
― Rumi

My life’s a small book and it is incomplete. The blank pages are fluttering in the commotion of my life and express their deep desire to be filled. I see incredible potential of filling these pages with the most amazing words and the brightest of colors. No, it’s not a normal book, it has my pictures describing each word written in it. Its my life. 22 years of upbringing have made me a haphazard picture of colors thrown in randomly. I have shades of Orange (read Warmth), Pink (read Love),  Red (read Anger), Blue (read Peace), Black (Read Evil), Green (Read generosity) and so many others. Some colors empower the others while some enjoy the little space they have. The color I miss the most is White.its_so_easy_to_fall_in_love-wallpaper-960x540

My picture is so colorful and was painted with so many patterns and amounts which were never under my control back then that now I want to be a White Picture. I don’t want a modern art for myself. I want a beautiful picture which has a lot of Blue, Green, a dash of Pink and lots of White. We mostly misconstrue White to be a color of Peace alone, I see it as a color of Happiness, Peace and Intelligence.

By saying this I am not implying that I will become boring. I will simply take a giant leap towards my ultimate goal in life- Contentment. I can safely say, I am not content. I have hints of all those traits of Human Nature that are Spiritually Evil. The urge to possess material things along with the hint of other human drawbacks plague me.

“What we think, we become.” 
― Gautama Buddhawhite_gravel-wallpaper-960x540

I say White because it is clean, it projects clarity of thoughts. I think I love God, I think he is the ultimate but secretly I don’t let him control my life. I demand, I want him to be my advisor. I don’t give in, I want him to give in to my wishes. I realize this now and I give up this habit today. While I was praying today, I thought, why is it that I have planned everything out and the slightest of diversion will upset me? Do I know the best? Better than God? The answer is NO.

I plan to surrender, to be the follower rather than the dictator. I will still have control over my life, but life and plans which are chalked out by God. I will let him choose the colors and the quantities in which he wants them to be present in my White Picture. Nobody is going to push a Reset button in my life to turn it all White. I have to give up those colors and I am going to do it starting Now. The societies wont paint my picture, I will let the powers above us be a painter This time.open_book-wallpaper-960x540

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” 
― Gautama Buddha




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