Nix Lapse

tumblr_lwoqsdV2E91qax8p2o1_500_large“Silence is the language of god,
all else is poor translation.”
― Rumi

I am constantly travelling in a time machine from one phase of life to another. No I don’t have a time machine but my mind is a good enough medium to make this wish true. I am either in my past, dwelling over something or in the future, fantasizing about things. Yes, I enjoy the present, but never completely.

My parents always taught me that my mind is superior. It should control my body. But mind is a part of our body, it was never meant to control our body. They co-exist to fulfill their parts. They are mistaken to be two different entities but they are two parts of the same energy.

Why can’t we stop these thoughts?

We are highly unsatisfied. Ask the Queen of England, she missed peace of mind, Ask the shopkeeper, he missed financial comfort. If we get a job, we want a better job, if we get a better job, we want peace. Right now, you are not reading this post in full awareness, you are constantly flying in your plane of thoughts in which your mind is sending you all the time.

I try to make my mind and body to stay in harmony with each other. They are conflicting right now. When I travel in my time machine, I sure visit a lot of places but I leave my body behind. My body stays when my mind travels.  There is no scope of any space for your past or your future to penetrate in your present as told by Osho.

When we are present totally in NOW, we are alert. Right now we are half awake. When I am in my present, I notice minute things like the sound of the air conditioner and the steps taken by the person approaching me. I am thinking but for Now. I am speaking with total awareness and my mind is in complete harmony with my body. There is no lapse.

It’s difficult to achieve with only one answer- Meditation. Pay attention to your breathing rhythm and you will be transformed in more than one way. It has helped me immensely and I recommend the same for you 🙂picturesque_old_house-wallpaper-960x540

“Nobody has the power to take two steps together; you can take only one step at a time.”
― Osho


5 thoughts on “Nix Lapse

  1. Stunningly tranquil.Vibrantly calm. You moved us with these tender words that paint a picture which melts way the tension and leaves us in a pool of calm. Struggle replaced by acceptance. Hostility released into the hands of forgivenss. This post reinforces for us that we see what we had already believed. We see what we repeatedly confirm in our spirits. Thank you for such beauty explained through words that lead us by the hand like a lover to the peace of the silence. Thank you. We smile.

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