21 and insane….

People always say how tough teen years are and how it is a roller coaster ride. But I can safely say that that craziness when enters your system never leaves you. I am still carrying some of the scars from that battle called the teen years.

I have my own peculiar habits which are lunatic according to mom. Some of those are-

-I have a compulsive obsessive cleanliness disorder and this is just not the way you are reading it. I can’t work if those slippers on the floor are not kept according to “my angles” or if the wires of the charger is not aligned properly along the table.

-I am a one place person. If I am with you, I am really with you. I don’t give a damn about the world and if I am not with you, I am like- “do i know you?”. Too much dedication or you can stay a screw fell off from theย managing people section of my brain.

-Although I love those sci-fi movies like Batman and all but I am like really into those typical romantic movies where I drop a tear when the hero proposes his girl. My mom always laugh at me when I have tears welling up in my eyes in all those “stupid movies” as she puts it.

-My favorite book right from my childhood is Harry Potter. I have read it a million times and watched it as many times. I still have at least one book from the series beside my pillow. Just in case I miss it too much and I need to read it. Emergency situation may arise any moment and I can’t risk the time of the walk between the bed and the book shelf.

-I keep listening to a song 20-25 times and then never listen to it ever again!

-I make strange faces and click myself. I have stacked up millions of pictures like this.

-I love to dance in front of the mirror and dance means crazy Indian type of wild dancing ๐Ÿ˜‰

-I feel too cold, like when you are wearing half sleeves and enjoying that “cool breeze” of the season, I am shivering and wearing a jacket!

-I have temporary memory loss thing going on I think. I keep forgetting all the time!

-I trip a lot, a lot!

-I am too emotional. Which BTWย embarrasses me all the time as those damn tears are there leaking down my face!

-I shout when I think that things are getting too quiet in the house. A very audible one that is which confirms my mother’s doubts that I am mad.

– I have a strange fetish for animal shaped jewellery. I have camel, elephant, deer, cat, dog, cow, butterfly, owl and God knows how many.

-I keep collecting watches. Although I have 4 right now, my mom has banned me from buying anymore actually.

-80% of my footwear is pink and no matter how much I try, I only buy pink footwear when I am alone.

-I talk too much and I hate people who do the same.

-If you keep a plate full of food in front of me (mind you, any amount of food) then I will keep eating it until either that plate is finished or I leave that place. I can’t stop chewing.

-I have a strong desire to go back 500 years in time. To experience the royalty of the Mughals in India.

-I strongly believe that the world will suddenly be flooded with water and we will all die in December. Courtesy- 2012, the movie.


26 thoughts on “21 and insane….

  1. Liked the way you listed out things… looks like it came easily and spontaneously. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Loved reading it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. As a 39 year old (with four years experience ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I say don’t grow up fully, but keep the teen alive in you. It is the idealist, fun-loving, carefree part that age and time tempt us to leave behind … Hold them tightly, and you will live more fully than ‘maturity’ will ever allow.

  3. I personally feel all are insane at any point of time and age…. we all have these habits… i am sure your mom would have few too :)… very well written… Be a child and enjoy the life, Its the child’s enthusiasm that keeps us lively… The mature part of us, comes automatically when required ๐Ÿ™‚

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