15 signs that indicate that Diwali is finally arriving in style!

1. There are more vendors on the street selling diyas and crackers than people walking.

2. You are filling your stomach with sweets and desserts.

3. When you spend more time shopping than sleeping.

4. All you can think about are the portions of house that still need cleaning and right now are cluttered to the core.

5. When every inch of every house is covered with lights of millions of colours.

6. The weather is so awesome that even if you donโ€™t know which month is going on you will say itโ€™s Diwali weather, provided you are in India.

7. The money is slowly leaking from your pocket and still the new car remains rock solid on the shopping list.

8. The door bell never stops ringing and friends and family never cease to come with gifts.

9. Only happiness dominates life and for a short while the boss is a bit lenient too.

10. When you are scared of walking on the road without protection as a cracker may explode any moment.

11. Your parents and grandparents keep on telling you stories about how great and lavish Diwali was back then in India and how Diwali has become modern and American these days.

12. This is the time when the dominance of China in every market strikes like a bolt of tightening as the idols of our God and Goddess are cheaper which are manufactured by china! Unbelievable!

13. Then there are new clothes, new clothes and new clothes!!

14. The sound of crackers make you deaf and make it impossible to even speak to the person sitting next to you.

15. Alas! When the night seems like day with millions of lights, diyas and crackers in the sky!



17 thoughts on “15 signs that indicate that Diwali is finally arriving in style!

  1. You missed something.
    It is also a day when millions of women and children ( read Indians ) have no roof over their heads and have nothing to eat. That completes the picture.

    • I have talked enough about the less fortunate. Read through my blog. I am not ignorant. But sometimes it is necessary to concentrate on the happiness part of life. You will turn into a maniac just thinking about sufferings ๐Ÿ™‚

      Happy Diwali

      • Ohh you are taking me in the wrong spirits. It was never a dig on your lovely post. Not at all. It was more like a personal idiosyncrasy actually spilling over. Apologies.

  2. Great post. Living in Muslim-dominated Bangladesh I don’t get to see Diwali properly but I would love to come to India just when it is happening – it all sounds magical to me! I LOVED your final picture of India. That is so beautiful! So many lights! ๐Ÿ™‚

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