An exciting new opportunity for You from Tanushree!

As you know that now I am blogging at Charity Spring website too. My partner James and I have come up with an awesome contest for the ‘writer’ in you. It is very easy and we pick weekly winners for the next four weeks! I am so excited for this contest. Are you?
Here we go!!
We invite you to be a guest blogger on our daily Charity Spring column that appears in The Patch in Fairfield County, CT, one of the world’s most wealthy communities known as the Gold Coast.
Ready to use our powerful Charity Spring platform to share a sample of your writing? Here is what we are looking for.
Describe ‘Charity’ in 100-words or less and indicate how you would like to be identified for readers wishing to contact you directly, e.g..your own blog.
All readers of Charity Spring are invited to share their reflection on Charity.
To participate, go to the latest Charity Spring Patch Digest column and place your original <100-word essay on Charity as a Comment. Remember that only comments made on the Patch column will be considered valid. Comments on this post will not be considered valid.
We will select the essays we like most and elevate them to the leading articles in the coming Charity Spring Patch Digest posts giving your essay further exposure.
The Patch is owned by, which also owns, and many other properties. Help Charity Spring ignite interest and discussion here on the subject of Charity — and also interest in YOU!

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