What is your average Speed?

People all around the world can be categorised as Fast and Slow. It’s sometimes unconscious but mostly the pace of life is pre-decided by individuals.  I am a fast person. People are generally leading a very fast paced life. 24 hours are divided into tasks that have to be completed in any circumstances.

Have you ever noticed your average speed?
The average speed of your walking? The length of strides you take?
The speed with which you eat?
The number of seconds you take to react to a particular type of situation?
The speed with which you speak? Are you too fast or too slow?
The speed with which you take decisions?

While you are reading this, you are trying to remember everything. But mostly you think to yourself-“Hey, I can’t pay attention to these irrelevant things!”. You see that for everything that you do remember about yourself, you feel proud about them. For example, I know you can recall the length of the steps you take and you feel that your walk is perfect, neither too short nor too fast. You think you are perfect!

See the difference here? For everything you take notice of, you always try to improve it or at least take pride in it, the unconscious actions of your life decide your personality. You might sit in front of the TV and have your dinner in 1 full hour or sometimes you might just gulp down the food in 4 minutes! The point is that an action as eating is so inbuilt in our system that we ignore the importance of taking a notice. Speaking is just the same. Be aware of your speed. Are you talking too fast? Are you forcing the person in front of you to sleep by speaking too slowly? Take notice!

Snap decisions are, maybe the best decisions, they have your instinct, that gut feeling. But are you always in a hurry to say something or react or worse take decisions in life? Wake up and study yourself closely. Is everything happening too fast due to YOU? Or is everything too slow and monotonous and the reason is YOUR slow pace? I have taken some snap decisions (read wrong) in life and trust me I regret them till this moment.

Take notice of everything you do. Take it as a play. The central idea is ‘TIME & SPEED’ and everything else is merely happening to support that idea. Time and speed affect you like nothing in the world. Go back in time and try to recall one incident that you regret. I don’t know what it is, but I can guess it was the time and speed with which you reacted or everything happened that made all the difference.

Live life, keeping in mind TIME & SPEED. It’s more like breathing. It’s there unconsciously, it is what is making you Live. But if you forget it somehow, you are dead. Keep a consistent and constant speed when you think you have reached your near perfect goal of making your life better. It just can’t be too much or too less. Make T & S balance on a seesaw. It will be difficult at first but sooner rather than later it will become as easy as breathing.

The trick to achieve it? STAY CONSCIOUS!


18 thoughts on “What is your average Speed?

  1. I’m a fast person – no doubt about it. But I like living in a slow world – like I do in Bangladesh – because then I get things done and feel good about myself. My home country – Britain – is, unfortunately, just as fast as I am; and that’s just stressful!

  2. “It may look to you like I am sitting still, but the jnani is actually moving at an incredible inner intensity and speed like a spinning top – it appears stationary unless you look more closely.” Ramana Maharshi (paraphrased by me) ~ Thank you for your wonderful Charity work and your precious thoughts on this blog! Namaste’ – Om Tat Sat

  3. I’m naturally a fast sort of person, eat fast, walk fast, speak fast, etc etc, so fast in fact that I rush through my life missing alot of it!!

    I have been learning about mindfulness meditation for the last year or so and that has been a revelation in what happens when you deliberately slow down and take the time to become more aware. I still often forget, after all I am naturally a rush arounder, but when I remember to take my time and be aware of the present moment, change happens.

    Warm regards

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