People Vs Crowd

I went to a crowded place today. Crowd in which you can’t even walk with the pace you want. Have you ever walked into such a crowded place? A concert maybe? A subway or a bar? Any place where you were pushed and repeatedly forced to walk the way crowd wants you to?

It’s so frustrating, right? I felt the same today. The need to push aside everyone and just walk the way I want. Have some piece. I was talking to my friend about the ‘crowd’ and how irritating it was. How we need space and how the crowd is unbearable. Just when I was saying all this, I heard another girl saying the same thing. I felt so strange. She was the crowd to me and I was the crowd to her. She hated me there as much as I did. We both wanted the same thing-some space.

But out of that crowd, she and her family became ‘people’ to me. My friend and I had a good laugh at how she regarded ‘us’, the rest of the crowd as tacky and so middle class. The thing is that ‘we’ are the crowd and we have a problem with the crowd. We love the hustle and bustle of city so we live there and still each day we complain about the crowded places and the need for some more ‘space’. The fact is that you are the crowd for other people like they are for you.

So from today I play this fun game of blurring the rest of the ‘crowd’ and focussing on a particular face or a group that are talking together. It is so much fun when you hear people complaining about the ‘crowd’ and their life. Trust me it maybe the best few minutes of the day. Out of the crowd you will start searching for ‘people’ and you will always find yourself looking for some new interesting ‘people’ everyday in the subways, the cafe`s, the bars and everywhere and anywhere. I heard some A list designers of India. It was so much fun listening about the fashion world.

So the next time you head towards your workplace or go to shop or maybe go for a morning walk, take off those earphones and listen to what people are saying around you. Bring this change in your life and you will be smiling more. I am smiling even now 🙂


16 thoughts on “People Vs Crowd

  1. Yes! You bring wisdom to the world with your blog 🙂

    Like rush hour traffic jams…people start shouting about the traffic, when they ARE the traffic. Surely it would be better to accept that they are creating it and to find something to smile about…otherwise, the stress will shave years off their lives!

  2. It’s the same with being a tourist surrounded by other tourists. They are the intrusion in your space…not you in there’s…but you remind us, we all have those same feelings towards each other.

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