The Indian Azadi

“sarfaroshi ki tamanna, ab hamare dil me,
dekhna hai zor kitna bazuye qatil me hai

Karta nahin kyun doosra kuch baat cheet,
Dekhta hun main jise voh chup teri mehfil mein hai
Ay shaheed-e-mulk-o-millat main tere oopar nisaar,
Ab teri himmat ka charcha ghair ki mehfil mein hai
Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai

These lines rang in every Indian’s ears 65 years back, when India was struggling for freedom from the brutal rule of the Britishers. A wave of patriotism and the urge to do anything to make their mother India free from the bondages of the white people was burning inside every Indian. The country was gaining momentum under the leadership of many brave heroes who held the banner loud and clear-“Angrezo Bharat chhodo”  or famously also called as “The Quit India” movement. Year 1947 was a historic time in Indian history, not only India became free, but also got divided into two parts- India and Pakistan.
Since then, even today we are still in a war, right from the Kashmir issue to the terrorism that is growing every day, both the countries suffer due to the dirty game of politics. As an Indian we are always taught that Pakistan is our enemy even though neither me nor the people teaching me  know even one of Pakistan’s citizen or any of its history. We are least bothered. A wrong decision taken by some politicians 65 years back, is still having a huge impact on all the people living in these countries. Bomb blasts, kidnapping, smuggling and a silent war that our soldiers fight everyday on the border of our country makes me question the integrity of the political system that is running a developing country like India.
Since India became free, it has undergone a total change, a change of values, culture and traditions. It did not happen overnight but took some 65 years to happen. Some changes are appreciable and worth applauding while some of the changes in the society are worth calling devilish. We have fought social stigmas like sati (burning of wife with the dead body of her husband to prove that she can’t survive in a world without his support), female in feticide, child marriages, dowry system, domestic violence and the list is endless. Most of these practices are as a result of the obnoxious Indian culture that says many things that are unacceptable. Some them are-“a wife’s identity is only because of her husband”, if she doesn’t have a husband or if she is a widow, she is looked down upon, The birth of a girl is still considered as a burden and a bad omen, girls and boys younger than even 13 are married due to family commitments. These practices are not followed in the big cities of the country, but are widely followed in the villages where the literacy level is low. We are fighting our level best to end this, but are we trying enough? Are we really doing our bit to put an end to these shameful acts of the society?
There is a small section of the society that is struggling every minute to bring a revolutionary change in the Indian society, people like Anna Hazare and his team, Baba Ramdev and many others who run NGO’s are fighting every minute to get rid of corruption, black money and many other social issues which are prominent everywhere in India. All of them are not right, but they are putting in some efforts and taking some steps forward towards a better India.
The country which Gandhi ji always dreamt of is lost in the clouds of corruption and crime. After 65 golden years of independence, its time that we wake up from slumber and face the hurdles that are yet to be conquered. I know that the patriotism is still there, the slogan-“Bharat mata ki jai”, still rings loud in every Indian’s ears. The need of the hour is to spread awareness and brace ourselves again for a revolution, the revolution that Subhash Chandra Bose once started-“Tum muje khoon do, main tumhe azadi dunga” (give me blood and I will give you freedom). Countless young men gave their lives a century back in search of freedom. Numerous leaders and brave men lead the country towards their ultimate goal of Azadi (freedom).
Today India again needs some heroes, some blood with fire and the wave of change that could make India, ‘The India’ that the heroes of our country sacrificed their lives imagining. We still have tears in our eyes when we recap our country’s history and see the torture that we went through.
That time is here again, a time where we have to raise our voice against injustice and corruption.
It’s time we fight again for our Azadi !!
It’s time 15th August has some more meaning than only a National holiday for relaxing!

I leave with my favourite quote-
“One individual may die for an idea; but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives. That is how the wheel of evolution moves on and the ideas and dreams of one nation are bequeathed to the next ”
~Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose



44 thoughts on “The Indian Azadi

  1. wow I never knew this, mainly because our media here is so intent on their own problems.. god bless you and your country..

  2. happy independence day for India..hei, the Independence Day in my country (Indonesia) is August more day..wonderful post tanushree, you know what? i always feel amaze when listening or reading a story about history of a country, how they achieved the freedom. it’s awesome!! and I love your quote…

  3. Not you, not me, not anyone else could make a difference..
    Some would hopelessly follow a path to change but eventually meet with reality.
    People have become rather selfish and we can’t persuade them either.
    Life changing personalities like Mahatma Gandhi & Mother Teresa would only come and go leaving a lifetime of memories behind.
    But we will never change.

    Happy Independence day to you..!!

    • I don’t agree. i think you are too pessimistic. There should always be a ray of hope for some change. What is life without some hope and some fire to change the wrong of the society?
      Be a little optimistic and see the world change around you 🙂

      • Very well said. You are an inspiration to the women of your country. And I agree with you – for all the naysayers: Be a little optimistic and see how the world around you changes! Negativity grows with pessimism and positivity grows with optimism.

  4. What a wonderful article, tanushree. The section in which you talk about the shameful things women endured in the past, and may still in rural areas makes me realize how grateful women should be world-wide. What a waste to degrade half the population, yet most cultures have done that during certain periods of history. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Excellent post, Tanushree. Partition was a bloody time and a mess creating one of the great divisions of the 20th century. Both India and Pakistan should now stand proud as inddependent countries but with no reason to fight. Politicians and militants stoke the embers of a fire sometimes, but without fail, I have always found that ordinary people just want to live in peace. You are a young lady – “fight” for good around you and it will spread like the ripples in a pond – India will improve – the forces are there.

    • I am delighted by your kind words. Thanks!

      I agree. This war between India and Pakistan is all between the leaders and some fanatic people, who are hell bent upon making both the countries suffer!
      Yes I will try me level best to do some good for the society!!
      Thanks 🙂

  6. Oh Tanushree, so passionate and so well written. Drawing lines on maps seldom solves anything. Just look at the mess the Europeans made of Africa as well as the Brits with your country.

  7. The reason why Pakistan is branded as enemy is… when the partition happened.. The muslims over there killed and tortured hindus… forced to leave their houses… I agree it happened long back… but the important thing they still torment Hindus over there and nobody is anything.. We Indians never attacked Pak its them who did.. I dont blame the country but i do blame few people our there… not all muslims are terrorist and not all people are saints….

    Corruption is in our blood i guess… Team Anna and few others are doing a good job….

    India has improved in lot a ways.. but still a long way to go…

    Jai Hind.. belated Independence day wishes…

    Overall a a very good post…

    • You know one side of the story.. I dont think you should have a negative thinking about a country until you know it properly. I am not supporting Pakistan, just saying that we must so something to end it and not just go on condemning the whole nation. Its of no use!

      • I said its not the country but few people 🙂 i don’t hate pak nor i dislike it… finally we are all humans branded by some humans long back 🙂 … Its always good if we see all as one and equal…

  8. We all are too engrossed in the trivialities of our lives to write on our country, let alone do something for her. It is heartening to read such posts. It gives dreamers like me some hope that despair is not here to stay forever. Keep writing! You’re doing a fantastic job!!

  9. very good attempt tanu.. i know i am replying late, but feeling INDEPENDENCE is never late…:)

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