The clouds are turning into a slight shade of grey, they are preparing for the first rain of the monsoon. The winds have seized, giving way to the clouds to shower their heavenly drops. I can see all that through the bars in my cage. I can see the other birds flying in the silhouette of the sky. I wish I could have enough power to break these bars and fly free into the oblivion. Life was different some time back, I was free and always ready to conquer the next big cloud.
I am white and I love being white. I don’t like to look like an amalgamation of some colours. Being white is high maintenance but I manage. I loved flying higher and higher in the sky never knowing when to stop as the air near the land is full of dust and pollution. Flying is my passion. Some of my friends just sit around the poles and wires chit chatting away. I say fly. But recently I had stopped going above the buildings and long trees because I lost the love of my life when he collided with the fast-moving aircraft. That broke me and I started living cautiously for my children. I kept my kids near me. Mostly I was the one who arranged food as I didn’t want my kids to work until I was alive. I preferred some water and some grains, rest I saved for my little birdies….
It’s tough being a bird. Every monsoon my nest falls down due to all the rains and the hailstorms. My kids always got scared so I hid them beneath my wings. Bit by bit I used to build my nest again. The worst fact was that, every now and then the tree on which we lived was cut down, making the whole bird community homeless, too much deforestation. I always kept a track on the next tree I would live on, I stay on the safer side, always. I always relished the summers, the sun is up for the maximum time and the sunshine made me optimistic, my birdies played around too!
I visited a house daily. The lady at the house was benevolent and gracious. She kept a reservoir of water and a plate full of grains for the birds. I was the first one to know about the place and I took my kids along. But later the place became crowded with other birds. I stopped going there but I just peeked some times to see the lady.
I was a free soul back then and a rare species too. I never knew what the future held for me. One night when I was sleeping with my kids, we were captured and kept in cages. I got separated from my kids. They screamed and cried but it had no affect on the cruel people. They sold me in a cage as a result of which I am trapped here. Sometimes I feel like banging my head and killing myself, I try that too, but in vain. I used to fly around and look around for food, that food was worth eating, now I always have a plate full of grains for me but I don’t have my kids around. I don’t eat it.
I felt beautiful because no bird looked like me, I was the solitary bird of my community. But now I feel cursed to be white. If I would have been black and colored like the rest of them, I would be with my children and free!!
I can see the sky, I can feel the winds passing through my wings but I can’t reach out to the sky. The life bestowed upon me by god is cursed, although he gave me wings to fly but he snatched away my right to spread these infernal wings……

                                                      STOP CRUELTY TO ANIMALS!


15 thoughts on “Arrested

  1. You took my dreams
    You took my free flowing winds
    You took my flutter away ….

    You gave me the bars
    You gave me the Walls
    You gave me a jaded day …….

    Wonderful little story , written with an interesting viewpoint of a bird . Wow my word for the story …wower for the author …

      • Hi Tanushree,
        Yup i saw that, but finding the right pics for the posts is also commendable 🙂 good work.. keep it up..

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