The Redolent Interim

She sits on a squashy chair with a book popped up against her knees.The book reads-A Love Story by Eric Sehgal.She smells of lillies,her favourite fragrance.Her hair fall down below her waist and she always keeps them arrested in a plait.She is slender with a pretty face of whetish complexion.An ordinary girl of 18 she is a hardcore romantic.She loves singing on top of her voice and dances to the first rain of the season.Everything about her radiates happiness and purity.She only had one dream in mind,to get that perfect prince of her riverie.

She lies comfortbly on the chair,her mind racing from one thought to the other about how she wants her future life to be.She has high aspirations and a good chance of making them true.Tomorrow she is going to visit the nearest libaray for a job as she got crazy reading “The Love Story” and now affirms that she will find her love working in a library.Her name is Raven.

It was 8 in the morning the next day when she boarded the crowded DTC bus.Raven wore a knee length khakee dress with a sling bag.She looked pretty and attracted a lot of attention from the fellow passengers.She had a hard time standing still and kept stumbling.Just then a msterious looking guy got up and offered her his seat.She politely accepted the offer and sat.Raven looked at the guy and blushed.He was gorgous and smiling at her.She felt her heart skip for the first time.So she took out her phone and started tweeting about the the guy.At the next stop she got down keeping her fingers crossed and praying to god for a second encounter with that guy which at that time seemed impossible.

Days dissolved into weeks and she got occupied with her new job at the library with no rendezvous with the guy.She lost the utopia of finding him ever again.One fine day when she was busy with some library work when a guy walked upto her table and said “hi”.Without looking up she said-“name please,are you an existing member or do you want a new membership?”.The guy smiled and said-“I think a cup of coffee would be fine now”.Raven flabbergasted looked up and turned a shade of crimson red.She blushed and said-“hi,how did you……??”, ”find me?” completed the guy.Raven nodded.”Well lets leave somethings to charade.Will you come with me?”.Raven’s heart was jumping up and down, her “love story” was going to be true or is it?.She nodded,informed the staff and walked down the street with him.

She remained silent as she was lost as to what to say.The guy said-“I think you are too busy with your own thoughts,let me introduce myself,I am Ron.I work at the airport as a manager.I saw you on the bus and couldn’t keep myself from thinking about you all the time.So I did a little research and found you.I am glad I did”.Raven was overjoyed, she said-“umm..thank you.Even I couldn’t stop thinking about you.Thanks for coming and finding me.I kind of like you”.She couldn’t believe herself,did she really say that right now?.Ron laughed and siad-“I know you spoke a bit more than you usually do and I am glad you did.”

They entered the cozy coffee shop which had 4 couches with glass tables.They chose the couch next to the window and talked.They talked for hours and opened their hearts to each other.Right from childhood to the first day at college.They shared everything.Most amazingly they got along like a house on fire.It was as if they were soul mates.

It was six in the evening when they left the coffee shop.They walked hand in hand and got on the next bus as a part of completing the day as they met on the bus the very first time.Ron dropped her home and at the door he stopped her to say somehing-“Raven this has been the most wondeful day I have spent in some years.Never before have I opened up to somebody like I did.You are amazing and I almost love you.I like your simplicity,I love your smile and most importantly I love the fact that you still believe in fairy tales coming true.But I must tell you something because I know you have started feeling the same way I do.I am leaving for USA tomorrow to pursue my education further.Before leaving I waned to make sure that I meet you and know you because I fell in love with you when you blushed on the bus for the first time i saw you.I will be back in a couple of years but I wont give you my contact details as two years is a lot of time to wait for someone and I do not expect you to do it.If  by the time I return and you are still here where I left you,I will marry you.I swear to you,I will be there for you.”He kneeled forward, kissed her on the cheek and left her standing below the bell at the doorway.She stood there for a long while before realizing that it is just a “redolent interim”.


13 thoughts on “The Redolent Interim

  1. Where’s the dog? Every good story needs a dog in it – brave, fearless, tough but cute at the same time. You could call him…erm….oh I don’t know….Bones, perhaps? hehehehe
    Love Bones

  2. Hi tanushree!
    You are, as they say, “the hopeless romantic” but in my opinion that is an oxymoron. LOL Don’t ever change:) Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my last post. It is how I found you. And I’m glad I did. I have enjoyed reading your words and look forward to more. Keep writing!!

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