Inside a Mother’s Heart

She gets up each morning to nurture and care for her family.All the days are mondays for her as she gets up early even on sundays to get you breakfast and start her routine of affection and selfless service.She smiles with the innocence of  a child.She has a heart of gold and only love for everyone who crosses her way.She is like an angel to her family and always wears a smile on her face to anything you ask her for.Right from the moment you get up you need her,to get you that favorite t-shirt that you are not able to find to the advice on what to do in your life next.She is there for you all the time.Her devotion is limitless.
A zillion things run in her mind all the time like what will be the next thing that should happen to you for your betterment or the last night, when your mood wasn’t good,all she thinks about is what to do to make you feel better about yourself. She always encourages you to go for that goal and achieve it as you are always the hero in her story.You always win, you are always the winner,the conqueror
Whenever there is a piece of cake which has five parts and there are six members in the family then she is always the one to say that she doesn’t feel like eating anything. She is the epitome of sacrifice and boundless love.Her feet are pacing from one corner of the house to the other to fulfill all your demands and wishes.She cooks the world’s best food, she smiles and sees you eat with all your heart.Even when she saves money for months to get that dress for herself she wanted from a long time, she gives you that money to get you that something that you demanded from her hiding from your father.I sometimes doubt that it’s not blood but love that flows through her veins.
Inside a mother’s heart lives an angel who makes her do everything for you, right from your childhood to the time when even you have your little ones.Look closely she loves you even more than you think she does because she is a God sent messiah for you.


16 thoughts on “Inside a Mother’s Heart

    • thank you for the appreciation anish.i am happy that you liked my work.
      thank you for visiting my blog and going through my work 🙂


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