Shopping Button: Activated

The sun is at its peak.You are not sure of stepping out of your comfy ambiance to sweat in the sweltering heat.But that force drives you to change and step out.You are full of hopes for a wonderful time.
car keys-check
credit card-check
comfy footwear-check
You are now ready to SHOP!The mall is full of fliers and hoardings of different brands luring and inviting you to their next big Sale.Thus the monsoon sale begins in India.There is a mad rush to the malls and believe it or not you are the part of that marathon.People are in hopes for a good bargain that wont burn a hole in their pockets.The ladies are flustered and are always in a blitz to get the next bargain.

I think it’s just human tendency that whenever you get something for free or for less you tend to get titillated and electrified.I on the other hand think it’s a sham.If you look at this whole SALE concept closely then you realize that it’s not You who is smart but the People selling you the stuff who are the main heroes of this whole game.Do you really think they are stupid enough to go into a loss to give you stuff for free and for discounts??
They are the slick and sly  businessmen who know their buyers and their mentality.Take for example a global brand like Nike.On an average they sell a pair of shoes for 3000 to 20000 bucks and when it comes on Sale then you can easily have your hands on them for less than 50% of the original cost.So is the brand Nike suffering a destitution? Absolutely not.
My point here is that as a consumer be aware of all these shams.Be aware of the quality of the product and don’t just go blindly for a product for it’s brand name.There are some products which are specially made for Sales. The quality is deteriorated and the tend to have a shorter life span than expected.Also due to the absurd rush at the billing counter the shops take undue advantage and give lesser discount than they claim for.So check your bill twice before leaving the counter.
I am not prohibiting people to go for SALES that happen twice a year but it’s just a reminder to the shopaholics to be Aware and receptive of the whole concept called SALE!


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