A Part of Sky that belonged to Her

She lies beneath the blanket of sky,
The stars glaze through the  ashen clouds that decorate the sky.

She lies on her back staring at the oblivion,
The moon and the stars peek at her lovingly.

She feels a void inside,
The world has raped her of innocence and optimism.

Her life is heading towards an aimless gamble,
She feels trapped in the cage called society.

She is a loving wife and a doting daughter,
But is that enough for them? No

She is repeatedly humiliated and stripped off of all mental peace,
Her family torments and hales her for money.

Some days ago she looked like an angel in her bridal outfit with eyes full of hopes for a rosy future,
But now she slogs under the burden of marital misery.

She tries to sew together everything that is falling apart,
All she gets is more pain.

She feels anaemic and muffled,
All she demands is some care and a fist of happiness,but she gets none.

But now she is slowly discerning her power,
She understands that she is the force who can bring a vicissitude in her rotten life.

Till then she bookmarks a part of sky as an epitome of utopia,
A part of sky that belongs to her.


22 thoughts on “A Part of Sky that belonged to Her

  1. Great poem. So visceral and moving. I loved the line, “All she demands is some care and a fist of happiness,but she gets none.”


    • thank you so much for liking my work!
      i wrote it with a lot of sentiments and pain because i have seen many women who go through the exact same pain after marriage. I think everybody should be aware about such a social stigma!
      its a shame to the society!

    • hi john
      i totally agree with you. Cases like these are very prominent in the society even when people are highly educated. It’s a shame to the society.

  2. Poems are something that always escapes my field of understanding. 🙂 Still the best part of your poem was its simplicity with the way its written. Liked it. But personally I like positive views on life. Hope to read something on this. 🙂 Nice one.

  3. A slice of life
    Cut to pieces …
    A hope in the clouds
    that the spirit seizes….

    A wondrous poem … Love this .

  4. Wow, very beautiful if heart rending at times. I find some of the images incredibly powerful… I just love ‘a fist of happiness’ and ‘she bookmarks a part of sky’, stunning – thanks for sharing:-) H xxx

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