Engineer’s Day Out!

The unpleasant sound of the crowd strikes against my ears. The drops of sweat travel down my forehead giving a cool sensation wherever it goes. The heat is too much to bear and the AC seems to have no effect on the humid air inside the auditorium. I sit in the third row observing the frantic scene. The names for the industrial visit are being noted down and everyone is in a rush to put down their name first. As I sit and watch, I don’t understand the need for this rush as even if you go last your name will make it to the list anyway. I hence categorize it as human nature.
After the tedious process of writing down all the names the group of Mechanical engineers was lead to the HAL mechanical factory. I walked down the road with my “training friend” Arushi Garg. She has an innocent smile with cute little eyes. We enter the machine shop with a group of guys who were so excited to be there as I would be when inRome.  We were greeted by a man who was in his early 40’s,a cheerful guy and he became our mentor for the day, leading us from one machine to another explaining the functions and technology of the machine. The machine shop was not a dingy room as I imagined it to be, but a huge hall with the world’s most sophisticated machinery to produce aircraft equipments. I noticed something peculiar and that was the green color of all the machines and all were fitted with small lamps to achieve close tolerance. There were milling machines, grinding machines, rimming machines and all sorts of machinery that are impossible to be comprehended by a lay man. All machines had a small tray with the components that were produced by it. Some were tiny and some were huge, but all were very light in weight and silver in color. Some of the stuff seemed rather stylish for junk jewelry ( 😛 ). The people working on the machines looked grumpy and bored.

We drifted from one factory to another in the scotching heat, learning about various advancements in the aircraft production industry. The whole campus is enormously huge and does justice to the brand name HAL, the only fighter plane producing unit in India. The sun was at its peak and tanned the skin of my hand around the wrist watch I was wearing. We were sweating profusely and totally wet.
We strolled from one department to another observing the employees working with utmost concentration and dedication. It made me realize the hard work that one has to put in to secure a place in this office.
I loved the whole new experience of spending time around the huge machines and having some amazing conversations with the people working there.



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