The reducing petrol prices- a delusion

The government of India has yet again played the dirty games of politics on the people of India. The crude prices which are reducing all around the globe seem to affect the Indian economy in an altogether different way as the petrol and diesel prices are rising steeply of a record RS.7.54/- on the 23rd of May. A reverse effect of what should have happened. This is not the first time that something like this has happened. The ever rising corruption and scams have led to wastage and wrong usage of the tax. It is the money paid by the inflation struck stricken middle class who are toiling under the rising prices of everything right from vegetables to each and every amenity that is necessary for the people to survive. That is because everything is related directly or indirectly to the crude price. The transportation has become expensive which is affecting the poverty stricken people who are travelling daily. This is creating a vicious circle of lending and borrowing of money and thus will lead to complete fall of the economy.

The scams and the corruption have risen to such level that now people have to pay more to fill the pockets of the corrupt politicians. The rise in price is because the tax that is charged by the government is spent on fulfilling the luxuries of politicians like private jets and helicopters for travelling and these are just a few examples of the lavishness with which the politicians of the country live. The dishonesty and the dirty politics are social stigmas which should be addressed by the youth as soon as possible and that is NOW!

The current example of such politics is the rise in petrol price by RS.7.54/- and then dropping the same price by RS.4, it like a toy given to a small child when he cries too much because the government had to act and respond to the fuming public. Time and again the Indian government has retorted to such an act. It is time that the educated youth do something about it. The Anna movement started with much halla-gulla and tasted some success too but now it seems that it has fizzle out for worse. I just hope that some group of people rise against this rising gang of “contemporary Ravans” and win this battle of justice because India needs to be awakened. It’s time that a revolution is witnessed again in India and is much more than just shouting slogans and marching on the streets with some waving flags on the bikes.


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