Teri Meri Kahani-A Review

The movie is set in 3 eras of India-1910,1960 and 2012.The 3 eras boast of 3 love stories which are some what cliched and predictable.All the three parts are interlinked and is a fresh breeze of air for bollywood as typical love stories like these are becoming rare with the passing days.Kunal Kohli has done a good job.A total family watch.
The 1960 era is the most beautiful one with beautiful 60’s background and dresses.This era has a Charlie Chaplin feel.The 1910 is the era with the most romantic love story with the backdrop of freedom struggle.The 2012 part is fun to watch and has an overdose of facebook and twitter.
Nothing new but still a one time watch.Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have played the parts brilliantly and have successfully convinced the audience in their roles as 3 different characters.Priyanka is looking beautiful as always and Shahid kills as usual.The music is average.Go for a brainless and light watch.Don’t expect a power packed script but a fun watch!

RATING-3 stars


7 thoughts on “Teri Meri Kahani-A Review

  1. Heeyyy Tanu, I really liked the way you have presented the review. I felt that the movie lagged to convey a central message which should have been a focal point in all the three stories. These three stories were unattached to each other and felt like three different episodes of a TV serial 😉
    Anyways, it was a nice feel-goood one time watch.

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