Portrait of a Modern Saint

His smiles leaks of innocence and people hang on to every word he says.People get shocked to see a man of such high stature be so simple and plain.He an epitome of knowledge and talks like a saint.The appearance couldn’t be simpler when he is at his abode, with a tattered t-shirt covering his muscular chest,his toned legs visible through the worn out pyjamas(his favourite) and feet protected by repaired chappals.He takes long strides while walking and walks like he owns the world.The child like smile never leaves his face and the feeling of providing some service or the other to anyone who is in need of some help never goes.His eyes always have a spark to do the next great thing and achieve something else in life.
His personality is as charming as it can get and the words falling out of his mouth are like pearls that are slowly merging together to form a beautiful necklace.The knowledge is limitless and he uses it with equal grace and poise.He writes brilliantly and has some published books and a website added to the list of achievements of his life.
Although he denies any religious connections and condemns the following of blind religious practices, he carries tiny religious books in his car for the “red signal” read.He is the son that mothers can die for and a brother that i can guarantee  only one in a million sisters have.He is a doting father and a perfect husband.
He has a say to everything that is happening around the world which is worth listening to and is an avid book reader who likes to preserve books.His meditation makes you think that why can’t your mind be as calm and silent as his.
People come to him for advice and he always helps with a smile.He is an excellent palm reader but doesn’t practice this art much.He is an all-giver who thinks of others before him and remains as simple as a man can get with endless knowledge.He is so graceful that you wish you were him and the soul is so pure that god protects him personally with care and love.
His paradigm of the world is really worth listening to and understanding.
He lives like a saint and talks like an angel.He is currently appointed at a very prestigious position at the commerce industry of india and leads a peaceful life with his family and kids.

PS: He is my mama(uncle) and i love him for all that he is.He is the soul inspiration of my writing and wanting to be a writer as he has time and again infused in me the inspiration that yes i can do it and achieve whatever i dream of achieving in my life


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