The joy of travelling Alone

There are innumerable times when we travel with our friends and family or some company to start with.But the journey which you take alone is always something unforgettable and it happened to me yesterday.Let me start with two scenes which happens while travelling with a company and then alone.
You are accompanied  by your family or friends and multiple things going on in your mind like where to keep all the luggage and the problems that are faced by your family/friends.There are pre decided discussions or games that are going to happen because you people have planned for it last night.The journey is fun and you reach your destination with much fun and security.
The Lonely journey
Firstly you don’t know whom you are going to spend the journey with.Will the co-passenger be a girl or a boy,what you will be doing  alone during the travel except for the book you are carrying and the iPOD that is full with your favorite songs.
My journey began with a shared taxi in Kausani and i was pleasantly surprised to find a librarian of the nearby school as my co passenger for the journey.She had  a beautiful smile and innocence leaked from every word she spoke to me.She explained me all about the working of a library(my favorite place in the entire world) and the government schools of India.What she told me was something that i couldn’t have known except from her.I enjoyed every bit of the conversation.In the gaps of silence that filled the journey,my mind wandered off to places and made me realize a lot of things and also made me plan a lot with the songs of my iPOD playing in the background.I was alone for this long after a long time and my mind made me think so clearly and decide so much about my future life that i am astounded by the power of being alone at a peaceful place.It made me realize the flaws that i flounder upon all the time.The picturesqueness of the mountains helped me a lot and became the food for my soul.
Then i reached the Kathgodam railway station and spent the next couple of hours in the waiting lounge and the dark and dingy platform.What strikes me most is that people think you are complete nuts if you are travelling alone and without a fail they pass a comment too and i can say that because i am one of them when i am in a group,you see what goes around comes around too:P
I read the monthly newsletter by OSHO(will post about it later) and just observed the families around me.I observed the difference in the attitude of people between those who were starting their vacation and the ones who were returning from theirs.It’s a stark contrast.
The world suddenly seems very interesting when you travel alone and observed from a distance without chit chatting away your time.I thoroughly enjoyed my journey and loved every bit of it.

PS:I accidently had a long conversation with a TT thinking him to be my uncle(whom i have never met),so it was an unforgettable experience for me:)

Do tell me about your journey………


9 thoughts on “The joy of travelling Alone

  1. I often travel alone, and find it can be an excellent way to meet local people. On a recent trip to Niue, local women asked if they could sit with me when I was eating by myself in a cafe. I had some interesting conversations as a result.

    • Hi Denise
      Even i love the idea of travelling alone. It’s so good. You get the Me time which we always long for. It’s an excellent way to reconnect with oneself.

      i hope you liked my blog!


  2. Great post. I love traveling alone. i discovered long ago that if I waited for someone to go with me, I’d never go anywhere. I couldn’t let that happen!


  3. I agree with you on this.. i often travel alone… i had been to Delhi once!!! Traveled to Jaipur and Agra alone… Had wonderful memories… It always makes us think in a very different way, peace and people around… All of them were good to me… 🙂

  4. Hi, I love to travel alone. I have been backpacking in India quite a few times now and love the diversity of experiences. Most of all, I feel travelling alone allows oneself to listen and trust ones own intuition..This leads to spontaneity and synchronicity in life. I found myself meeting the right people, hearing the right words of wisdom, going to the right places which allowed me to grow and learn from each experience.. This quality is not lost and stay with one throughout ones life….Intuitive travelling is the souls call…travelling outwardly whilst simultaneously travelling within ones own consciousness..deeper and deeper into ones being…

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