A Hint of Madness in Life at 20’s

Right from childhood i have heard people and innumerable books  say that the toughest phase of life is when you go through your teen years.But as i am 21 now,sailed successfully over the teen years, i am realizing that it’s not the teen years that are tough but it’s the phase of life when you turn 20 and that is when life becomes very unpredictable.I agree that the teen years are hard to deal with as there many firsts of life back then-the first time you get you first auto mobile, your first relationship, your first real emotional encounter and n number of things that happen for the first time.
But life at 20’s is very unpredictable and absolutely unguarded.You have to fend for yourself and nobody is there to help you.The parents are there only for support and all the important decisions of your life are at stake and it’s only you who has to decide what to do.These years are crucial for the rest of your life as your career is decided now! The need to succeed increases and the fire inside you blazes high and makes you think that you have to start earning and live lavishly very fast.This has many drawbacks as many are led to the road of destruction due to wrong path taken and then regretting that decision that you took in the early stages of your life for the rest of your life.
There are your friends who are earning before you or worse earning more than you.They maybe studying in a better college than you are and that’s the time you start regretting the time you lost watching T.V or wasting on Facebook when your friend was busy studying.All of the things suddenly seem less important and that’s the time some people go into depression.Some are intelligent and start working towards a better future and succeed.
There is your family who is pressuring you to do something and make sense of your life and i do not blame them at all as after raising us with their hard earned money and dedication, they can surely expect us to achieve something in life and make them proud.
I am 21 and i hate to stay that 80% of the people of my age are in a pool where they don’t understand  which side to swim,what career direction to head to or what to do ultimately.I know i want to write and earn a lot of money,but there are infinite number of choices and i have zeroed on 2-3 choices.
I wish from the bottom of my heart that all my friends and colleagues sail successfully through “the madness called the life at 20’s”.


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