The Soul Sisters!

There are very few instances when you can catch a couple of  ladies bonding together like there is no tomorrow.When there isn’t any jealousy or the need to compete to prove oneself better than the other.There are no differences between them and neither is the reason to fight or argue over something.
I am talking about the two most darling people for me-my mummy and my mummy’s sister(my masi).Masi is a hindi word when broken into two gives- “ma”  “si” .which means like mother.My masi is without a doubt like my mother.She is  just my height,a small face always sporting  a million dollar smile.A fixed dressing style of wearing tights and a small kurti.She is everything a husband can ask for and the best mother a child can ask for.She is the friend you can never have and a symbol of love much like Mother Teresa.She has this limitless power of loving every kid she sees no matter how the kid is.She is always ridiculed about her all giving nature and thinking too much about everybody.I love her too much.She was one of the hands which made me turn into the person i am.She is caring, loving and a great friend for me.

My mummy comes next and she is a “Hitler” , as my whole family calls her.She is the controlling force of our family.She cooks brilliantly and she is the one who can make heads turn in a party even now.She is too concerned about where her health is going and always has something to say to anything and everything.She is the kind of person who gets in between a fight to save the “right” one even though they are complete strangers to her as according to her there should be a “maseeha” for everybody whenever they are in trouble.She does calculations at the tip of her fingers and is the first one to calculate the discount on items in a sale.She is intelligent,funny and very strict.She is the most accident prone lady i know and she has this magical ability to say wrong things at the right time.We always remember all the funny situations due all this and have a good laugh.
My mummy has just one best friend and that is my masi.They talk daily on the phone for hours and you just can’t take away the phone from them once they get on the phone and ramble on for infinty(it seems to me that way).They talk about the world and share all their sorrows.Neither of the two can see the other in pain and are standing for each other through thick and thin even now. They share all the secrets that nobody knows except the two of them.They truly are the soul sisters.right from their childhood they have been inseperable.I love them from the deepest core of my heart and always learn a lot from the love they share.


2 thoughts on “The Soul Sisters!

  1. the only comment i could make here to complement your article follows..
    few years back i was chatting with my mom on phone when she went to mausi’s home.. after 18 minutes of long chat i came to know that i was actually chatting with my mausi where mom went… there was simply no difference in their way of talking nor even in their voice, more on that their b’day coincided on the same date…
    now you decide who are soul mates.. 😉

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