The Lost Fire that 90’s Cartoons had!

It’s a routine now that whenever i walk into the room with my brother watching T.V there is this short kid on the T.V on hungama channel. He is small,wears a red t-shirt and yellow shorts.His not-so-perfect family includes his mother is Mitzi,his kid sister Himavari and his dad Harry(much like him).
He is notorious and he loves messing around.He speaks rubbish all the time and drools over girls and choco chips(see the irony).He introduced Action Kamen to us!The one and only superhero for him.He talks fearlessly and can make even the ministers pull their hair.
Putting aside all that I wonder what this craze is about because it’s not only my brother who watches this cartoon but every household in India with kids has Shinchan on the T.V all the time.
I concluded it to be a fresh air that came to the cartoons being showcased on the television.Since the 90’s the cartoons being aired on the television were boring and too much educational or with morales.Back in the 90’s when i was a kid,the cartoons were amazingly fun to watch.Remember the Jacksons, the Flinstones, the Powerpuff Girls, tom and jerry(still being aired),the Chip and dales and the list goes on and on of the legendary cartoon characters.They were so sarcastic and funny.Plus the stories were not so brainy and required every minute attention like today’s Ben10 or whatever,i don’t keep up with them now:)
I used to be glued to the T.v from 6:30 in the evening to watch Disney hour for one whole hour.Those days had those famous jingles of the cartoons which all the kids used to hum.The Powerpuff song was my favourite which started with a goes-
Blossom, commander and the leader
Bubbles, she is the joy and the laughter
Buttercup, and she’s the toughest fighter
Powerpuffs save the day
Fighting crime
Trying to save the world
Here they come just in time
The powerpuff girls

Oh how much i still love those songs.The cartoons were so innocent and magical.You think of magic and you miss out on the Alladin’s magic carpet or the ginny who was so hilarious proves you are not a 90″s kid.Everything was so magical and so cool about the cartoons that even now when you catch the Dexter show or the Scooby Doo you stop and watch it.That’s the power of a good cartoon,brings back so many memories of the childhood not like today’s cartoons which are brainless and much less funny and more violent.

PS:i hope i din’t hurt anybody’s cartoony feelings..
what do you think about all this?


6 thoughts on “The Lost Fire that 90’s Cartoons had!

  1. include few more nostalgic cartoon programs
    bob the builder
    popeye lollzzz

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