My Frowny Nani(Granny)

This may seem to be a mean title to some i am sure,but there are layers of secret that guards my nani’s face.As you look at her you see this timid and weak old lady who wears cotton sarees with lots of creases adorning it.She looks older than she actually is,as the tough life of raising five kids alone has finally taken a toll on her.Her waist is adorned with a bunch of keys inside a silver key chain.She wears gold bangles that are scanty and just for formality due to the indian traditions.A big round bindi is strategically placed between the two eyebrows and eyes which still blaze with fire.

She fusses a lot and always has a “NO” for an answer to whatever you ask her.That’s funny because even after her NO to everything we children do everything  that annoys her:P she is against all the things that one call possibly call “fun”.She is running all day from one corner of the house to the other, running errands of the house,which is definitely her favourite hobby as you just can’t make her sit at one place for more than 2 minutes.She is as weak as a stick and looks so meagre and small.But she is even more health concious than you can be ever in your life because even though she is so thin,she starts doing yoga the minute she thinks even a centimetre of her belly is protruding.We(the grand children) always sneak in behind the closed door and see her exercise through the tiny gap in the door.She sends us away the moment she sees her.A peculiar habit of hiding everything in her “magical” closet that is even worth a penny is one of her qualities.You can expect a cracker in holi and some colours in diwali,that is the power of her closet.We still remain equally fascinated with all this.It’s a wonder place for us:)

But we love her madly.Our eyes start searching her if we don’t see her for a couple of minutes and just go and keep hugging her all day long.She gives us the sweetest mangoes anyone can imagine in the summers and the yummiest guavas in the winters.Her smile is worth a million bucks and whatever she says are like pearls of wisdom for me .She tries to tell me all the time what i shouldn’t do when i get married and is always so concerned.One thing nobody knows is that she loves getting photographed but never lets anybody know about this.She always waits for someone to drag her into the frame and she is all smiles then.
I recently lost my nanaji,we all became so weak and so vulnerable and she the woman who should have been the most miserable emerged to be the strongest.She guarded the  her feelings from us and my respect for her increased even further then.


8 thoughts on “My Frowny Nani(Granny)

  1. really a very appreciable attempt tanu.. I felt you were writing character sketch my nani.. She was too caring and an unforgettable personalty to interact with.. My deepest condolense on the loss of your nani and my nani too (whom i lost 2 yrs back).. 😦 Really made me nostalgic

  2. ur nani is a pure rockstar………….n i hope she will keep rocking for many more decades……………

  3. I loved the granularity of observations . Please add the poem you wrote on nani.
    How about writing about her 2 daughters?

    • thank you mama.
      i will write the poem once i am in lucknow so that i can get the feel 😛
      i will be writing about your two sisters too,really soon..will keep you posted.
      thanks for taking out time and reading my blog!

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