The light is red at the traffic signal,i look outside the window of my car,I can see those flashy cars,some of whose names i can’t even tell.I think to myself that how well people are earning today or are they?The people inside are all “branded up”,if you know what i mean.But when all this sinks it then actual realization strikes me.Is it really the income that has risen in the past decade or is it the flash-your-income-need that has increased?

It is actually the latter.I agree that the income has risen, but it is the flaunt-what-you-got attitude that has risen many manifolds.This si driving the part of society that is not able to cope up with this prssure crazy.Ofcourse this is most prominent in the metros.

So what helps them compete this mad race?The one and only ans is loan.For everything to anything.Right from the penthouses to the big swanky cars to even the laptop.50% of the people in the metros are neck deep into debts but the nedd to buy the Guccis and the Chanels is not declining.It’s mostly ruining their lives beacuse of too much peer pressure and the need to maiantain a set “standard”.

I say lets stop this Brand crazy and flashy bandwagon by starting a movement.Let me call it the “Pinch Movement”.what say?It will be a lot of fun and without knowing you can touch and change many lives.

So go out there and pinch the person who talks of nothing but what he/she is wearing or driving.Stop that person right away.Be confident of the person you are and of the qualities you posses.Don’t let some crazy person who spends more time in the mall than any other place ruin your mood or life.He/she is as shallow as the remaining water in the glass next to you:)



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