The Rustic Postbox

So i was walking this evening in kausani(about which i already updated you) and saw this small post office,it was about to close.For the record my two most favourite places in the world are the library & the post office.It is a dingy and ancient post office which according to me was worth exploring.The old man working there is the only employee as the hill station is rather small.

As i enter the room,i was greeted by the smell of envelopes and spilled ink(and OMG!! i love this smell of new paper and ink) and i was greeted pleasantly by the old man who was very cheerful to see me as he had very few visitors to his abode.I keep referring to him as the old man because i totally forgot to ask his name.He sits behind a large pile of files that look ancient to me and not of much use.On the far end of the room is the table that has even a bigger pile of files.A crooked stool was kept at the left where i decided to sit and watch the old man work. He was working diligently and i sort of made him uncomfortable i don’t why. So i decided to hop out of the post office. Right when i was leaving i saw this small postbox which was cute.It was rustic and very i took a snap of the postbox and the corridor along with the closed post office(which i have uploaded).

I loved the whole experience as it is very rare that you see such a small post office in an age where communication takes place at the click of a button.I am now on a mission to see some more!


4 thoughts on “The Rustic Postbox

  1. i love this artcle of urs a lot……….bcoz i too have been to bareilly post office….
    where i saw an old man working……..but this time he is the rude one…haa haaa

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