The-Never-Understood-Us(the youth)

The fast,the furious,the brand crazy,the speed loving and the carefree are some of the synonyms associated with today’s youth that includes me :)..We are categorised as reckless by the generation that leads us(although i always think it is the other way around 😛 )


We are drinking all the time,don’t give a damn about the future,we are too much into partying,We stay up late at night,we wear short clothes,we eat rubbish,we work less harder,we speak rudely and above all we do not listen to our elders.


We only drink to relax or when our boss tells us to do so 😛

We know what our fututre is going to be like because we planned for it ages ago.

We party to unwind plus it’s bonus to our career as we meet new people and make new connections and it’s anyway better than sitting at home and watch sitcom repeats.

According to a new study the people who work late at night are more productive as compared to those who wake up early as the people who work till late don’t crib all day about getting up early in the morning.

Short clothes are comfy,they are super stylish and also are saviours in the sweltering heat.

What we eat is not rubbish and probably we are the most health concious generation of all,so we eat healthy too.

we work less harder,i agree but only physically because we work smarter and intelligently.

Ya we do listen but only the things that helps us achieve the above:P

PS:mum dad this post goes out to you 🙂


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