The need to be FEARLESS

Fearlessness heads the list of the divine attributes enumerated in the Gita.It asks the person to be fearless  as it is the most important virtue of a person who is diligent to achieve something in life.

You are failing yourself and your character if you fear your decisions and to fight the  “wrong”.You surely can’t attain any peace spiritually or be on the path of moksha if you lack this attribute.Fearlessness is a sine qua non for growth of other noble qualities.As Gandhi ji rightly said-“How can one seek truth or cherish love without fearlessness? As pritam has it ” The path of Hari is the path of the brave,not of the cowards .” Hari means truth,and the brave are those armed with fearlessness,not with sword,the rifle or other carnal weapons which are affected only by cowards.”

So try and include this virtue in you slowly and it will build up your character.


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