What is the Real meaning of GITA?

GITA is an action oriented historic work.A small part of Mahabharat.Gita preaches two things primarily and is a stark contrast to what people think it to be in general.it does not preach fighting.Hinduism is one religion which does not regard war as a mean of harming fellow beings,it’s a medium to end the evil by the goodness.

GITA teaches two things-



GITA necessarily teaches even the saints that only telling the beads will not give them abode of god.Only services performed without the desire to get any fruits is the primary way to attain peace and abode of god.It does not mean that you leave the desire of result, because without any results is a waste.Hence always follow AHIMSA and SELFLESS SERVICE.

That is the only way to attain freedom from unnecessary bounding of  the soul that weighs you down every second.




2 thoughts on “What is the Real meaning of GITA?

  1. self service to thk hai…par…ahimsa aaj kal ki duniya me…koi maayne ni rakhta…
    jaha ek insaan dusre insaan ka khoon chusta jaa raha hai….
    dusre ke sar k upar pair rakh kar….paise kamaata hai…..
    ahimsa kuch hadd tak hi thk hai…par jab jyaada ho to…….
    pehle mulaakat,
    fir baat……aur fir jaruurat pade to laat……

    • lol..you are right.i just made you familiar with the teachings of Gita!Rest is in your hands as always!it always depends on you that how you react to a situation! 🙂

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