The tear shedding Nature

Living in the heart of nature and witnessing it’s destruction every minute by some cruel mindless demons(can’t call them humans) for a little money makes my heart cry.

The season of june is supposed to be rainy.Heavy rainfall is witnessed with lush green forests and millions of millions of species.It’s very cold,so cold you can’t bear the chilly winds without a pullover.This is what happened every year.

But this June,the June of 2012, not a single drop of rain fell on the water deprived land leading to the extinction of innumerable species,drying up of water falls and water spots,flowers and grass have vanished and tress are suffering immensely too.Adding to this is the fire started by some selfish and mindless creatures which has been making the situation worst.

If you really look into the whole matter,then it’s huge.I am just talking about a small hill station called Kausani in India(picture shown above), but there are countless other towns and cities which are witnessing this environment back flip.It’s slowly leading us towards the end.

It’s really high time that we do something about it.Be it on a small level but just contribute something towards the planet you are living on.Believe it or not if we do not stop the Global Warming and the never ending natural disasters that have been happening in 2012 then you will be responsible for making the prediction of the Mayan People come true!


2 thoughts on “The tear shedding Nature

  1. really…a good one…….
    sahi mei yaar…..nature ro raha hai…aaj kal logo ki activity se………

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