ThE NeEd tO LiVe A pUrPoSe DrIvEn LiFe

So many of us today run a race to be successful, to be able to fulfill each and every dream that we have seen. If i am not wrong then only 2% of people actually succeed in doing that. Those 2% of the people are well known to you. There is nothing extraordinary in them, but the work they do is. The only difference is their approach towards drilling a problem & the way they handle and their lives……..
To be the Mozart of your field, you need to first set your goals, live a motive driven life. Make things happen, take the first step forward to fulfill your dreams. For that you don’t need to be the CEO or be one of the board of directors. Whatever you are doing right now is screaming for your full dedication towards it. You don’t need to have the biggest title to do the job. You to need to be focused .
Get up every morning with a fire in your belly to reach to your best state & give your 100%to what you are doing. A very old saying says that time slips out of your hands like the grains of sand before you know it.
What you are doing now is crafting your future. Its entirely in your hands to shape it accordingly.

Too many of us are living a very comfortable life. Secure in our comfort zones. Satisfied with what life has to offer.We are too scared to take risks. Close your eyes for 2 Min’s and think “what if it were supposed to be the last day on earth??” Will you still spend the rest of your moments the way you were going to? I don’t think will want to do 1000 things and take risks and see what the outcomes are.I say why not now??The risk of risk less life is the biggest risk of all.

So get up, go and join the gym,start taking guitar classes you always wanted to take.Live everyday like its your every moment with the fire to do something creative every time.

Nelson Mandela once said “after climbing a great hill one finds that there are many more hills to climb.I taken a moment here to steal aview of the glorious vista that surrounds me,to look back at the distance I have covered.. but I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom comes great responsibilities & I dare not linger, for my long walk has not yet ended”.So today give yourself 60 minutes & review your life.Are you climbing the right mountain?Are you heading the right way?Is it what you always wanted to do in life?Because its painful to climb a mountain only to realize that you have not conquered the right one..


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