ThE LoSt FiRe In U

Sitting alone in the room, I wonder what is that one thing for which I can leave everything? but then I am sitting blank with no answers to my simple question.
Going down the memory lane I remember the joy I experienced when I first rode my bicycle or the first time I made tea and served my beaming parents.
The insignificant things that made me happy . The little things like getting crackers on Diwali and waiting in agitation to burn them, as if it was the most important work in the whole town. When the happiest day of the year was the time when I was allowed to go school in casuals and distribute sweets. Of course your memories and perkful moments maybe different from mine. As I give in a little thought, I realize that being a 19yr old ,I have now lost all the enthusiasm & the ability to find happiness in small little things.. As an adult I can say we are nothing but deteriorated children.
Its not that we don’t get enthusiastic or upbeat about events. But right now we all have become out and out greedy and selfish. Only by buying say a car or going on a vacation makes us fervent or pleased.
We have totally forgotten that life is all about enjoying each and every moment . a recent survey says that we spend a fortnight of our year getting bored. I say WHY????? Go out have fun. Be crazy. Be the person you want to be not the one people want you to up old friends.. Meet them.. Be the jolly person you were as a child..

Because in the end the billionaire gets buried next to the sweeper. So why not have some fun now??


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