LEts NoT Let THe EaRth DESTROy uS

the title might be sounding a bit awkward to you..i just read it in a Paulo Coelho book..n i loved the whole idea….who is not aware of the global warming and the threat that we are causing to earth..but why not just flip it around and see it from some other angle……
we also are aware of the millions of rupees being donated every year in the name of ecology..the politicians all standing on a platform to win the next elections on the gun point of global warming..why don’t they see it the other way round??that’s because then they will not be the noble ones saving the earth..
in simple words when we actually see the earth from space we are aware of it’s vastness and we as earthlings are nothing in front of it….lets say that the earth has some limits n if we try to overstep it , it will simply erase us from its scene….
we are not the ones saving the earth..we are taking steps, steps that are not enough to save the human race…,we have to understand that earth is not dying but the people living on it…….
so take the first step towards decreasing the depletion of earth because you are the one in DANGER…..


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